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10 Best COOP Games That Are Always Ignored

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Looking for a good game on PC, PS4, Xbox One, or Switch to play with a friend? We’ve got you covered with these underrated co-op games.
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Strange Brigade


Warhammer: Vermintide 2


Bro Force


A Way Out


Darksiders Genesis


Alien Swarm


BattleBlock Theater

PC Linux xbox 360

Sniper Elite 4


Killing Floor 2


Risk of Rain 2



  1. I wouldn’t charge a totally free game with no violent fashion with a temper pole that’s just scary how far do they make money off of it why develop a game if you’re not gonna in someway make money I mean I could see if it were some game developed by college students for a project but seriously I would not download a game like that on to my PC

  2. Hey buddies let's play coop together..download parsec and let's play a way out ..add me a2mrbeast

  3. Absolutely insane that Deep Rock Galactic isn't #1 on this list.

  4. I hate how coop is now just online play.i also hate joe biden

  5. I miss local multi-player games. I want couch coop back. My boyfriend and I both love gaming so it kinda blows that he has to leave and get dressed and go in the living room to the other system if we wanna play together 😔😔😪 even with regular friends i miss the Mario party type games where we could all just play together. Might just find a GameCube honestly

  6. I wasn't expecting this game list to actually be good. You surprised me.

  7. What about Deep Rock Galactic, Karl does not approve of this!
    I'm so glad I'm finding other people in the comments saying something

  8. I have friends but none of them like buying games

  9. Ignored? Lol, this games are the most popular coop games. Dislike for the title

  10. Is there a game that 2 or 3 people in one team play against 2 or 3 people ?

  11. Not gonna lie I had no idea that vermind 2 or kf2 had low player numbers.

  12. did not expect alien swarm in here ha, got 2k hours into that game, still play it today. definitely recommended! 8 players are very hard to coordinate, who takes care of left/right front/back? which characters are best for those roles? which players are the most skilled and may be better of frontline eventho their character is not suited. what items to bring/advice the others? so many variables and the players join/leave/switch loadout often so you have to adapt on the fly its fun to figure out the teams weakness and try to cover that up, every man counts. leading new ppl into hard missions. failing a mission a couple times and then getting the whole team at the endzone is extremely satisfying. or if it all falls apart they start dying left and right but you manage to clutch 1hp roll into the endzone, adrenaline kick. also the skill difference is literally insane. 1 day you join a lobby of 10h noobs and have some fun going pure medical build with powerfist. another day you join 100h team and need to try your best to carry them. next day you join your own caliber of players and it'll be smooth sailing. and then some days you join the 10k hour players that are 9 tiers above you and you just hope to contribute to the team somehow. playing the gamemodes of the gods, where if you miss /w for 1ms you get instagibbed. this game is challenging from 1h till 100k hours, stop reading and download 🙂

  13. Vermintide 2 is my favorite game ever.

  14. Alien Swarm has a hidden option to go from top view to first person view, making the game even more intense, its a fun game.

  15. I am disappointed that this video does not specify which games are local coop vs online coop only.
    The multiplayer games that I play are local couch coop with my girlfriend, so many of the games in this review are useless for me.

  16. Please tell me if the game in the seminal is Assassin's Creed Odyssey please please thank you 🤗😄😀😃🤗

  17. Please tell me if the game in the seminal is Assassin's Creed Odyssey please please thank you 🤗😄😀😃🤗

  18. Please tell me if the game in the seminal is Assassin's Creed Odyssey please please thank you 🤗😄😀😃🤗

  19. None of these games are COOP…You just shoot at the same time in the same game…

  20. Nah… I can't get into split screen or top down games

  21. Wow team players..keep it going…so many different characters..that's what s up …versus alot of monsters etc . back and forth with past to future games…similar …still letting the future know we like to be together with co ops and showing them we had and have good kool games and I still see they going with a flow with it and continuing …..🙂🎮🎁🙂

  22. Zombie army trilogy 4 and zombie army trilogy a must

  23. Vermintide 2 is an absolute blast of a game

  24. Vermintide 2 is awesome. I have well over 600hours into it lol

  25. Seeing what type of a child games(without Sniper Elite) are ahead of A way out u understand that this top 10 in a complete joke

  26. a way out was a good game, a shame that the ending(s) kind of sucked more or less.

  27. "The vermintide is mostly melee combat"….shows ranged soc gameplay….just saying 😀

  28. I did not know DS: Genesis was a top down RPG! Thanks!

  29. 1:50 Casting spells all of the time and using the bow while calling a game entirely melee oriented? What the!?

  30. did they really just put A Way out on an ignored Co-op game list?

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