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10 Best PS5 Games (Spring 2022 Update)

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It’s been just over a year since PlayStation 5 hit store shelves, and while Sony has once again found success by not only ushering in a steady stream of quality exclusives, but it’s also by being a great place for third-parties to thrive. For this list, we wanted to stick with games that have received a proper PS5 release – you won’t find any titles that need to be played through backward compatibility. The games that made it onto the list either needed to launch on PlayStation 5 at the time of release or receive a proper PS5 re-release.



  1. Was looking for headphones at best buy ended up walking out with a PS5. With no information on what games to get, this list really helped me out

  2. 5:45 y'all really need to grow up from this game guys like really

  3. I did the data transfer on PS4 to PS5, having a level 25 character on Forbidden West I wanted to pick up on PS5. But, the save file deleted itself. It isn’t on my ps4 local or cloud storage, and no where on my new ps5. Bye bye 20 hours of forbidden west😭

  4. im a ps4 owner and none of these games makes me wanna buy a ps5
    and its been almost 2 years since its release .. sony has really fallen short this time .

  5. why eldenring first place? the other games have better graphics more fps and better gameplay elden ring ist a amazing game but technical not the best

  6. Info for help ⤴️↖️Ask for a Recommendation

  7. Horizon forbidden west is extremely the game to not sleep on. The mechanics and game play is something not worth to passed on

  8. Elden Ring is the best game ever made..by far

  9. Astro, spiderman, and Ghost(sort of) is the best… Why does people never really mention sackboy🤷‍♀️

  10. GOTY 2022 for me was Returnal ! Absolutly insane.

  11. Elden Ring is just not my game, I hate stress in games, not to mention the graphics look like shit. I played it for like an hour and I was just done after that. What is up with these advanced vocabulary words in this game, most of it I had no clue what it meant. I give this game a 2/10

  12. I dont play single players games but i am going to try ghost of tsushima since half of my friends are always playing that game and elder ring

  13. Got my ps5 finally yesterday still not opened it as I need to pick up a new TV but I can't wait …so glad I'm single right now and my plan is to get fat and play games all winter so long may my singledom continue lol

  14. Why is RE VIII & Elden Ring here? You can get both of them on other consoles…These two are the only NON Console-Exclusive to the PS5 on this list, correct?
    I guess this isn't supposed to be that kinda list…oh well, if it was 8 out of 10 then a similar enough list anyway I suppose.

  15. Too many of these games are set in archaic times with swords and bows and dragons. My main reason for buying the ps5 was to have faster load times and upgrades while I play fortnite almost exclusively. Hope they come out with some interesting ps5 titles before I get tired of fortnite. Right now there’s not one that I want to play.

  16. Finally getting a PS5 this week. Excited to get some of these titles, especially HFW.

  17. "Resident Evil has never shied away from the mystical and supernatural."

    But it has though. That's why it's called Biohazard in Japan. No RE game has ever had true supernatural or mythical elements outside of some eastereggs, and none of them ever will. That would be antithetical to its namesake.

  18. Half of it is also available on other platforms.

  19. I played elden ring for 5 hours and I hated hated hated the combat. Horizon forbidden west is best ps5 game easily hands down

  20. you know how I can tell you didn't try with this list? you added Astros playroom.

    Astros playroom on a list of "the best" ps5 games.

    you just took a list of the top selling games. not the best games.

  21. Multi-platform games shouldn’t be on this list.

  22. Draft punk 2077 you forgot this amazing game!!!!!!!

  23. Games look kool but I'm waiting for PSVR2 MARCH BABY!

  24. Sigh as a gamer who doesn't like open world games, what games. Can I play? I've never booted up God of war of Mario odyssey or Zelda breath of the wild once I completed the main missions. It seems every major game this days is open world with 5000 missions. That being I do have 100% completion on both Spiderman and miles Morales but those games weren't huge

  25. They have to really step on the games go and get more of this game for PS5 and PS4 they're not making any different games and more of their games are starting to suck the story lines the graphics need work on they need to really work on these things so I can train them all the guy one two and three and four Budokai 4 so based on those references why have these games turned out to be horrifying scaring action-packed fighting why have these games invented yet that basically I'm already coming up with more ideas of incredible video games than these people that don't have ideas for the video game I don't even have my diploma from high school and I still get around of thinking about all these great ideas for a video game to be state-of-the-art one of a kind video game and this video game wasn't able to go and go online offline go ahead and hand combat with some guy from far East or from the far South and go to hanahan combat with this person and go to hand in combat to defeat this person just for the fun of it now how fun is that going on alone against somebody and I always have to go against the computer that becomes easier and easier too simple to defeat to simple to figure out what next move this person is making until basically the computer moves for it so fast you got to me so highly intelligent and beat the person on the other side of the controller are beating GPS or the CPU so what's the facts what is different about these games that must be better than the PS3 games what's the actual facts what's the given that these games are going to be successful

  26. Astros playroom is to the ps5 what sonic adventures was for dreamcast

  27. Original demons souls is so much better than the remake

  28. I was new to souls game when I played Elden ring so everything was new to me. However I cheesed through the game. It was the best game I played in awhile

  29. Having played most of these, I found Elden ring to be the most enjoyable

  30. No, deathloop is far from what you think it is. Its pretty linjer and there is really no point in "exploring"

    Pick a questline, and follow it until the end.
    If you reach a spot you cant get past, pick another questline until you can.
    repeat until you finish the game.

    What i was expecting was a vague quest where i had to explore different areas and times. To figure out how to deal with everything in a correct way to finally finnish it.

    But no. Very liniear. Sure, if you want to find all the hidden stuff. Like weapons. Then some exploration is needed. But the maps are pretty small, so you really only need to do some extra exploration while doing the quests, if you really want to explore.

    You can ofc grind stuff and be superpowered.

    But really, you only need 3 of the superpowers. (can use many combinations and powers depending on your playstyle. But really, 3 specific feels very op and/or are necessary to reach everywhere)

  31. Personally I can’t see the love for Elden Ring. I played it for quite a while and just didn’t find myself really enjoying it. Returnal on the other hand- the game is a total masterpiece. Possibly my favourite game ever

  32. Returnals and ghost of tsushima were the reason I bought my ps5

  33. The kid in this video sounds like a PS five owner. Balls haven’t even dropped yet

  34. Considering purchasing a PS5 but I can play most of these games elsewhere. Hopefully we see more exclusives next year. Still need a PS5 for the 4k blu ray player.

  35. Elden Ring is a bad game , even no simple vibration on PS5.

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