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10 Best Sniper Games That TRULY TEST Your Sniping Skills

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Let’s talk about sniping in video games. We’re giving our picks for not the most realistic, but the most fun and challenging.
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  1. In ghost recon I honestly don’t ever care about snipers.
    In ghost recon I always go guns blazing

  2. I mean… SGW Contracts and Contracts 2 were pretty good. It definitely beat SGW 3, by giving you a big open map to explore but not an open world game that you don’t explore. SGW Contracts and Contracts 2 throw you in a big open area and gives you five missions to do in each. In all honesty SGW Contracts and Contracts 2 bring the series in a better light.

  3. Ghost recon breakpoint xbox one 🙃🤣😃
    Ghost recon wild land 🤮🥶🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🥱🥱🥱🥱🥱😿🖕

  4. I never get to fell the true power of snipers like awm because as soon as a peek from the windows a fucking player with m416 lasers me I mean I got no chance.

  5. truly test your sniping skills: PS4 multiplayer, Sniper Elite V2 remastered. Play wuzznt-me, the #1 ranked sniper in that series for 10 years. Find out why the entire planet is grown men crybabies.

  6. I bought wildlands at the start and I never had any problems, great game all around

  7. If csgo is there , valorant should also be there.

  8. I love the sniper elite series. Sniper Elite V2 and 4 were my personal favorite, but I do like sniper ghost warrior games, and personally I enjoyed sniper ghost warrior 3. The open world, climbing, discovering locations and finding better guns was a lot of fun.

  9. I’m a boss at sniping in B1&5 man I love it. Haven’t played it in a year or two cuz I completely forgot about it but imma play it tm man hell yeah

  10. cs:go is still. my favourite among these. but not for awp instead for deagle the mini sniper. I don't use awp as i find the game too easy then but shooting with deagle is incredibly satisfying. BF sniper mechanics on the other hand feel kind of realistic to me n super cool when it actually hits target🎯🤣love the feeling

  11. The original Unreal Tournament was a blast with snipers. All you had to do was aim in the general direction of a head to make that head pop like a water balloon.

  12. You guys should play sniper ghost warrior contracts 2, its seriously so much fun. And badass

  13. Where is Gears of War? Considering that enemies run, roll, cover and just move so fast, it is pretty hard to achieve a headshot and the sound is so satisfying when you are able to

  14. shit list. Put more modern games in this shit.

  15. Lonewolf is best android Sniping game ! It's so hard and fun too !💥

  16. I’ve played most if not all the games mentioned in this clip, two very important games to mention that were / are well rounded sniper possible games are.

    Black ops 4, black out

    Two of the best in my opinion

  17. Somebody can tell me the name of the game from min 10 please?

  18. I haven't seen Heroes and Generals come up but that games sniping mechanics are barely ever forgiving lol there's extreme bullet drop to the point that 4-5 shots then you'll figure out how much higher or lower you need to go and where they hit can be hard to see

  19. first time i used a spotter was back in operation flashpoint was so fun he called targets i shot

  20. #8 is honestly my #1. I love the Battlefield sniping, especially in BF1. Like you said, you feel so badass when you pull it off, especially when you're adjusting for travel time and bullet drop so you're aiming like 10m above and 5m to the left of your target to still get a headshot on them as they're running across your field of view all the way on the other side of the map, completely unaware that you even exist and totally oblivious of what is about to happen! Also, it was cool how the game gave each gun viewable stats that allowed you to see the damage output at specific ranges. It allowed you to plan your movements as a sniper and try to approach and enemy position at the right distance such that you can one shot enemies (headshot or not).

    On a side note, I also agree with Wildlands! That's probably in my top 5 for sniping.

  21. Arma 3 is the only game I know of where the ghillie suit works well. There are other games where they do work, but arma, if you have the right weapon and concealment your near invisible.

  22. Battlefield is always my favorite for sniping

  23. Ok, so to summarize. Sniper elite & sniper ghost warrior 2. The rest is just BS who are not really "sniper games".

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