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10 Best Tactical Shooters That TRULY TEST Your Patience

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Looking for a game with intensity, room for teamwork, and a reliance on precision? We’ve got you covered with these fun recent tactical games.
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#10 Insurgency: Sandstorm
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, PC

#9 Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, PC

Platforms: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X and Series S, PC

#7 Star Wars: Republic Commando
Platforms: PC

#6 Rising Storm 2: Vietnam
Platforms: PC

#5 CS:GO
Platforms: PC, macOS

#4 ARMA 3
Platforms: PC, macOS

#3 Squad
Platforms: PC

#2 Escape from Tarkov
Platforms: PC, macOS

#1 Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Google Stadia, Xbox Series X and Series S, PC


  1. I would love to see y'all do a top 10 SRPGs list

  2. If you are good at ARMA 3, you are instantly hirable by all Private Military Firms in the World!

  3. All these pc games really make you wanna sell the console and switch

  4. "CS GO has been out for years" yet u can only show footage of people bashing on bots…

  5. Planetside 2 is literally a sandbox of any thing you want it to be. It requires immense teamwork and very accurate firing and leading shots. The TTK is longer though but with head shots everything goes down faster in infantry play. Planetside 2 infantry combat requires quick reaction and very accurate shots.

    I’m mostly speaking for the playststion version of Planetside since we use a controller and maintaining your crosshairs on a persons head for longer then 3 seconds doesn’t happen in other games. The skill gaps are big in all aspects of gameplay, from the infantry, the vehicles, and the aircraft.

    The game is mostly viewed as a mass infantry rush type game. But the maps are huge, so you will have battles ranging from all sizes from small 3v3 sometimes, to 12v12s, to 96v96+. But also you get unbalanced fights which is just the nature of the game.

    There is a huge learning curve. And most ppl generate an overwhelmed experience or generate a dull experience just because there is so much to learn that doesn’t meet the eye.

    Planetside 2 is like a fps version of the board game called Risk. Far fights are are much funner then mindless zerging though.

  6. My pc can’t run these games man I love sandstorm and rising storm though

  7. Typical wankers no idea unless u pay the highest price

  8. Insurgency: Sandstorm and Rising Storm 2 are some of the best shooters you will ever experience. Shame consoles don't get much choices like that. Which is why I bought a PS2 and Socom. I love that game. It has so much you can do. Which is amazing for its age.

  9. I like star wars battlefront 2, is not a pure shooter but i think is very underrated as tactical shooter, in that game sometimes is not needed to have great aim to win as other players can play from a far while assault gets close to the objective trying to get cover from the sniper, and also heavy troopers can tank or just stop the enemy team from pushing with grenades or sentries among other things.

  10. 2 other really good tac shooters are operation red river and dragon rising, they both really test your patients and make you think about what to do next because if you don’t it only takes one bullet to the wrong part of your body to die. They also have really good gunplay with bullet drop and more realistic recoil, i highly suggest to anyone who likes tac shooters to play them both 🙂

  11. i fucking loved the OG ghost recon and OG RB6…. insanely fun for a ps2 games back in the day it was sooo much fun, i had a very robust AI system for your team, with working commands, able to set routes and objectives yourself, while able to switch to anyone in your squad

  12. Hell let loose and Post Scriptum should be in there instead of Enlisted.

  13. Brah tarkov #1 everything else is dated or falls way too short. Get hip y'all 😎 be seein you in raid if you escape

  14. For people who felt Squad was a little too slow and too big, Rising Storm 2 Vietnam is just perfect. I had so much fun with that game

  15. blah!!!! dont compare wildlands to socom us navy seals. wtf. socom is a far better game in all aspects. open world isnt worth murdering the rest of socoms mechanics for.

  16. Rainbow 6 Rogue Spear that was released to pc 20 years ago. The sequal to the very 1st Rainbow 6.

  17. Maybe it’s just the way I play it but Metro exodus can be extremely tactical when dealing with the human enemies. You’re part of a small special operations force often fighting against larger forces. Plus tactical gameplay.

  18. How dare you not mention Links Crossbow training??!??! I am furious.

  19. I swear I searched the sys requirement for all the games presented, Im so broke ffs =((
    Thank God I can run a few 🙂

  20. Oml ground branch that game is the best super tactical extremely small but friendly and inviting people don’t be afraid to get on the mic and make some friends

  21. Absolutely love wildlands. Definitely one of my favorite games out there. Still play it to this day.

  22. Rainbow six seige is cringe take out of the list

  23. Operation Flashpoint wasn't brilliant but was worth a shout

  24. I would love to see escape from tarkov on Xbox and play station

  25. I really think that Ubisoft turned around Breakpoint starting with the immersive mode. With full on realism (no HUD, no gun levels, no marking enemies etc) it becomes a really enjoyable stealth sandbox. The most fun i'ved for a long time in a Ubisoft open word. Just scouting out a base, tracking patrol routes and picking off enemies one by one with a sniper rifle and then going in is a really really fun way to spend a few hours. Gameplay, character and gun customization-wise, it's the best Ubisoft have done with military shooters imo. Purely from a sandbox standpoint, i think it's on par with MGSV.

  26. ground branch? zero hour? hell let loose???

  27. Day Of Infamy is just insurgency but world war 2 multiplyer

  28. Escape from Tarkov is one of the best games I've played in my life. A hardcore looter shooter that you can play solo or in squad… Legendary game.

  29. Damn it of course the real awsome ones are PC only

  30. if i need to put 3 best fps game
    1 .escape

  31. Last of Us factions was/is great and deserves an honorable mention at least.

  32. For sure did NOT expect republic commando to come up in this video. That game is absolutely phenomenal and I am so glad that it got put into this list

  33. What I've seen of Siege lately it looks comical, more Fortnite that anything tactical.

    In my list I'd of had

    Rainbow 6 Vegas
    Brothers in arms: Hells Highway
    Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter

  34. Squad is one of the best games you can play. I always wanted Battlefield with a heavy reliance on teamwork to win, over just going Rambo. You NEED teamwork to win. Great pick,

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