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10 NEW Shooter Games of 2021 With Over The Top Action

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We’ve been keeping our eye on these crazy action oriented first and third person shooter games releasing this year. What’s on your personal list? Let us know!
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#10 Necromunda

Platform : Xbox One XSX|S PS4 PS5 PC

Release Date : June 1, 2021

#9 Exomecha

Platform : PC Xbox One XSX|S

Release Date : TBA 2021

#8 Deathloop

Platform : PC PS5

Release Date : May 21, 2021

#7 Aliens Fireteam

Platform : PC PS4 PS5 Xbox One XSX|S

Release Date : Mid 2021

#6 Bright Memory INFINITE

Platform : PC PS4 Xbox One XSX|S

Release Date : TBA 2021

#5 Trepang2

Platform : PC

Release Date : TBA 2021

#4 Severed Steel

Platform : PC PS4 Xbox One

Release Date : TBA 2021

#3 Second Extinction

Platform : PC Xbox One XSX|S

Release Date : Q2 2021

#2 Dying Light 2

Platform : PC PS4 PS5 XBOX ONE XSX|S

Release Date : 2021

#1 Warhammer 40,000: Darktide

Platform : XSX|S PC

Release Date : TBA 2021


  1. I cant wait until yall no longer have to say all the stupid xbox names anymore. I don't even know whats what anymore because they basically all have the same stupid name.

  2. Definitely going to play” necromonda when it comes out ..doom like shooting with warhammer 40k lore with a sprinkle of cyberpunk lol Mehn am sold talk no more

  3. the comments never acually say anything about the video lol, idk why i keep coming thinking ima get the list of the games and how they are.

  4. Dont see how people get into the turn based strategy games

  5. Ive played the bright memory demo like 100 times n its going to be amazing

  6. that exomecha game looks like motion blur city

  7. The Alien game isn't coop only right ?

  8. I am sick and tired of "upcoming". You get us excited but the games always come out a complete disaster. can you talk about what we can play TODAY? what's actually good NOW?

  9. Inclusion of dying light is pretty weird but great video as always guys.

  10. 7:47 It may be profitable to make FPS gameplay where in a building or room, there are different switch boxes where different multiplayer human players or bots can move and reach to the switch box to trigger to change the environment to different gravitational intensity/pull levels, thus causing some parts of the room or entire room or building where players walk slightly slow, or run fast, or can walk on sides of walls or walk upside down, or jump much higher – think dragonball goku training room but in FPS with guns, grenades, etc. The gravity also affects the bullet speed and trajectory as well as the grenades flying speed. Please share with game development teams.

  11. 10:36 to make the game realistic, after chopping the enemy in half, the enemy's body should only have two halves of his or her corpse on the ground instead of disappearing since there was a severed head lying around from a previous enemy. Please feedback to game developers.

  12. Interesting interesting interesting interesting interesting interesting 🤔

  13. Dude by Alex came anyway be mystical the technological

  14. set in japan… the fat boss xing tian, is very far from home, and BM is made in china

  15. I’d love to see Severed Steel and Trepang2 receive full releases, but that will never happen. They’re tech demos that will never grow into anything more. That’s very disappointing, but that’s the truth.

  16. wow what a bunch of dogshit looking games remember when good games were made.

  17. Bright Memory….made by one guy that started the project being a 3d modelers who never coded anything…welcome to Blueprints in Unreal Engine and Character Creator 3 w/ iclone7.

  18. Bright Memory reminds me of Vanquish
    ….which is a great thing.

  19. Can you do a top 10 best tpsmoba games

  20. Time stamps and sign on screen with names please. Your microphone sucks and its sometimes hard to hear titles clearly!

  21. What about PUBG? too shitty comparing to these ones? What about CoD?

  22. Hey, I love the video @gameranx and I'm sure you've probably heard this before but the first game, Necromunda, has been openly and admittedly designed & inspired around the game E.Y.E Divine Cybermancy. You should check it out. If you haven't checked it out yet, it'll be the best and worst decision of your entire life.

  23. why would Bright Memory be released on the PC, PS4, Xbox One and Series X but not the PS5 lol

  24. I wish you guys would consider us that don't use Steam.

  25. only problem with multiplayer = the community that like so download cheats and or 3rd party programs.

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