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10 Shooter Games With OVER THE TOP ACTION

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First and third-person shooter games often have stylish shootouts. We wanted to highlight some fun games here.
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  1. No Borderlands? Weird lol. Doom Eternal is definitely #1 tho

  2. man I want chili con carnage to be remastered fully

  3. Have you played control? Control is a brilliant game.

  4. Dude free fire and call of duty mobile is not on the list

  5. im really interested to this game and i just started so idk what games are good for starters ;–;

  6. Vanquish deserves to be in this list….

  7. thank u ima make a yt video on these games

  8. Think I'm going to buy Doom eternal and far cry New Dawn tomorrow also a PS4 LOL I'll beat both the games and then go return the system I'm broke but not broken

  9. I was introduced to VR with Super Hot and it was one of the most fun and engaging games I’d ever played.

  10. Far cry dawn was about 2 lesbians going rogue and I’m sick of these lame ass character selections.

  11. Soldier of fortune 2, the original dismemberment

  12. Bullet storm is soooo underrated, glad it’s high on this list

  13. How did you not mention any of the Halo games?

  14. Sword with Sauce in an abandoned but very underrated steam game.

  15. You read the write
    This video loaded after 1 years

  16. I would've put Wolfenstein 2 as well, and Ghostrunner. Overall a good list tho

  17. Dying light i play it its the best

  18. Serious Sam series
    Half Life 2 & Black Mesa
    Call of Duty modern warfare and black ops series

  19. Watch Uberstrike game. Check PX gaming channel on YT. It's very fast paced game.

  20. What about the darkness games? With the deamon arms like i think that series is worthy

  21. Lmao I was looking on steam and saw superhot as soon as u mentioned it

  22. FEAR one of the most underrated games ever, deserves a remaster. A masterpiece.

  23. The game fear i thought it was a mobile game graphics

  24. Bro, I remener playing Rage on my XBox 360, and it was the coolest shit ever

  25. Whu didn't he tell the names of the games?

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