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10 Weirdest Light Gun Games

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Light gun games (or gun games) have been around for a good while now, and as with every tenured video game genre, it brings with it… baggage. Weird baggage. Iron Maiden Ed Hunter baggage. Here are the 10 Weirdest Light Gun Games.

VO: Ben Potter (@Confused_Dude)
Script: Molly McDade (@AuthorOfNebulae)
Video Editor: Kieran Galaska (@beardburrito)

#EdHunter #MadDogMcCree #ChexQuest


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  1. How Chiller wasn’t on this list but Super Noah’s Ark 3D and ChexQuest are is beyond me.

  2. Sure would be nice if the list of light gun games actually contained light gun games!

  3. Wondering if it would have been easier to go for a "10 Weirdest Rail Shooters" video than light gun/gun game?

  4. Everyone mentioning "Um, excuse me. Half of these are not light gun games.". Who cares? 😆🌈✌😘❤

  5. CarnEvil comes to mind when I think "weird light gun game"…

  6. How do you play some of these with a light gun?

  7. I have 2 questions:

    1. Was it actually technically illegal for Wisdom Tree to bypass the lock-out chip?

    2. Has anyone played the Chex Quest remake? Is it any good?

    I guess that's 3 questions…

  8. Light gun games are mainly on-rail shooters which uses light gun, am I wrong?

  9. C'mon lads, the PS2 and the Wii were golden ages for light gun games, you could've done a better list than this.

  10. The phrase "well-meaning Jesus fans" made me chuckle 😂

  11. EndGame was another one for the PS2. Tried too hard to be Time Crisis.

  12. Chex are not Shreddies (because in Canada we have both)… But I can't explain how they are different… They just are!

  13. Oooh does this possibly mean the Ed Hunter game I sent in back in Christmas may have got a look in? Or Just researched and clips pulled from online?

  14. free games




    DARKWOOD – 6V762-6V9MB-W0RBK



  15. u dont know what the hell a lightgun game is

  16. PaintBrawl actually had Nerf N-Serf beaten by 10 years in the "just go out and do it IRL" category to be fair.

  17. 3:14 or “arachnids” if you want to get super accurate about this.

  18. A large middle aged man telling you are useless? Me: Daddy, is that you?

  19. i havent watched the video yet… But if they feature the aerosmith light gun game that came out for the NES ill be happy

  20. I AM SO UNHAPPY. but the Iron Maiden one is there so

  21. Half of these are light gun games, the other half are just first person shooters – mostly Doom clones. Bizarre list.

  22. Vampire night was weird but amazing as a kid

  23. A light gun game is a game played with a LIGHT GUN. A gaming accessory shaped like a gun that you shoot at the TV. "Games with guns in them" are NOT all light gun games.

  24. Area 51
    Lethal Enforcers 1-2
    Die Hard Trilogy Part 2 of 3
    Remember that sick Blue Cobra light gun you could program to rapid fire and auto reload!!
    Judge Dread had one!

  25. Terrible video, chex quest is a light gun game??? Are you high?

  26. Please let me change my name Goddammit says:

    3:32 "there's now way to die in the game"

    Me who's died quite a few times in Let's go Jungle: ·_·

  27. I feel like this channel is ran by an algorithm and just hires a voice actor to read off a script

  28. Nope you where right the first time Guns are cool.

  29. Next list: Top Ten First Person Shooters, number 10? Time Crisis!!!

  30. What is with you brits and saying "Christian" hella weird? It's not 3 syllables, if that helps.

  31. I remember seeing let’s go jungle back in my local Chuck E Cheese.

  32. the narration becomes tiring . not witty just negative and distracting

  33. How about chiller? You just shoot people in torture chambers and creepy places like cemeteries and other dungeons. It is basically a gore game.

  34. Mr Blobby… The pits of hell spawned that demon, i still remember seeing Jack Whitehall shit his pants on Big Fat Quiz when Blobby was a guest. Id be scared too. Creepy ass kids character

  35. What is the name of the game shown at the 58 second mark?

  36. so here's where they got the idea for assy mcgee!

  37. These are really interesting games I like them

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