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14 Little Known First Person Shooter Games of 2022 And Beyond

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First-person shooters are arguably the most popular gaming genre on the planet. First-person shooters have grown to become the most commercially viable gaming genre for game developers.

A slew of mainstream shooters are household names, but the reality is the best FPS’s seamless combination of violence, escapism, and fluidity offers somewhat of a blank canvas for developers. Away from the genre’s flagship titles is a wide variety of vibrant FPS titles vying to be recognized for their novel approach.


  1. There's too many devs trying to hide behind a "retro aesthetic". The old games were good despite their graphics not because of it. There's no reason to revert to sprites today.

  2. Is hyperviolemt suitable for a 5 year old?

  3. Great selection of new ways to improve the FPS genre!!!

  4. I don't like most fps games because there literally all the same sure they might have a few gimmicks that others don't but it's the same and boring

  5. Pixel graphics were originally a limitation of hardware, not an esthetic choice.
    Now we have super powerful hardware, but most of these games are pixel graphics.
    You gotta love the irony…….We live in a clown world!

  6. Can't stand 3rd person, your vision is def affected

  7. I absolutely love how some of these games aren’t just straight up guns but still an FPS game

  8. These all look terrible. Multiplayer focused = no sale.

  9. this list could have beed named pixel fps. Sure there are people who like this but FPS was always hailed for their graphics.
    cant get used to this new narrator at GB and this list just cant make him more likeable for me

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