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16 Awesome First Person Shooter Games of 2019 And Beyond (Part 1)

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In this feature, we’ll be taking a look at 16 such games, many of which will be launching by the time this year is out, and others that might not. Do note that a couple of these will also be games that haven’t officially been revealed yet- but for some reason or the other, we all do know for a fact that they’re coming soon.





  1. Calling a game Awesome before it even releases, that has never backfired before

  2. Doom (2016) was horrible. Compared to games like The new colossus 2 and even Black Ops 3, it was literally copy and paste gameplay in every level and section besides the boss battles. Still don't know how people enjoyed it – straight garbage 😷😷😷

  3. I sure as hope ion maiden's control are modern. Remember the recent reboot of Double Dragon?

  4. Titanfall 2 the greatest underrated fps of them all

  5. Ion Maiden huh? I have a feeling they wanted to call it something different.

    Regardless, Halo looks interesting, Apex was rubbish so I'm not excited for the next Titanfall, Doom has potential so long as it's loading screens aren't as bad as it prequel, Witchfire looks great, Wolfenstein looks like rubbish, and the rest have me at a meh.

    Still waiting for the next Serious Sam announcement.

  6. Rage 1 came out in October 2011. Not 2010.

  7. No Cyberpunk 2077? It's a lot more than just a FPS, but it is a FPS at it's base.

  8. Halo Infinite is not launching until 2020 and only on Microsoft's next gen console. 343 and Microsoft are more focused on destroying the Xbox as a console. They have announced yet another reason we should never buy another Xbox again. I am a diehard Xbox gamer (I play them all) and I am now walking away. Most of these games, I will be buying for my PSPRO and gaming PC.

    I am mostly focused on System Shock. I hope they remake the second game more so than the first or third. Doom Eternal is going to be so amazing…I don't have the words. I started playing Doom way back in 1993. I spent the better part of a year and thousands of dollars trying to get Doom on a console. I went from the 3DO (yuck), to the 32X version (better), bought a Jaguar (great…AVP saved it), and finally built my first gaming PC 486DX2 just to run Doom. I wound up getting both a Saturn and PSX during Sony's launch and finally acquiring a set of consoles that could run Doom (John Carmack destroyed the Saturn version…so PSX for the win).

    All of these games look and sound phenomenal. I will likely buy most of these as day one purchases. I sincerely hope that we have a resurgence in the FPS as that is my all time favorite genre.

  9. Just the fact that I've got a part 2 (and more maybe) to look forward to = 👍

  10. On this list, I only care about doom eternal

  11. All I wanted was a Far-cry 5 like experience with Last of us like story..

  12. I am actually quite excited for bright memory

  13. You can forget about Atomic Heart. The Devs say it’s an absolute mess!

  14. Atomic heart is not an actual game,it's vapor ware

  15. Not a huge fan of FPS games. That being said I am looking forward to Borderlands 3, though.

  16. New Colossus was shit, one of the worst singleplayers in years. WTF you talking about in video ?

  17. Can't wait to see all these first person shooters probably Doom Eternal I like the point.

  18. I'm reeeeeeally looking forward to Atomic Heart!

  19. Is Outer Worlds not coming this year or is not a fps?

  20. I've got my eye on Atomic Heart. It looks incredible.

  21. Wolfstein the best shooter?? Not for me. The only one Im looking forward is ready or not, the rest is crap.

  22. Cant wait for Doom enternal,u guys?
    Also ewery year we get cod but i hope for something in old school stile.

  23. Never understood how people didnt like the first rage game. Personally i thought it looked amazing and had a great story that I got lost in all the time

  24. That Titan Fall game is Apex Legends…. So yeah

  25. Gaming bolt: Rage 2 didnt exactly set the world of fire

    every person who played it: it won FPS of the year dude.

  26. Brozilla - Kaijuu Acolyte of Hope [Deadbeat] says:

    Wasnt System Shock Remake was a mess??

  27. I don't wanna fucking save in a great domain fucking ad.

  28. many ask for cyberpunk 2077, just for being in the first person and you can shoot what turns into a fps? not really, because the dominant genre is not that, the primary genre is the rpg in that game

  29. Make vedeo on top20 best fps shooting games for android

  30. Most of those games still haven't been released yet.

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