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20 of the best Amiga 500, 500+, 600 & 1200 shoot ’em ups & 2d shooting games

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My selection of 20 of the best shmups for Amiga. Some games may have been missed out for reasons stated at the end of the video but I suppose if I could I wouldn’t change more than one or two titles in this list.

If you disagree with the selection or think that there were games more worthy please let me know by commenting this video. Thanks!


  1. Thats exactly the game I thought of when seeing this too! 🙂
    Zeewolf I & II rocked so hard. The music in particular was epic.

  2. Why Chaos Engine 2 instead of Chaos Engine???

  3. Thanks for the upload. Some games I'd not heard of before. Wing Commander is not a 2D shooter btw. Xenon 2, Disposable Hero and X-Out really need to be on this list

  4. I always thought that alien breed was pretty gory. Look at them dead bodies!

  5. the only objection is chaos engine 2 terrible game

  6. Humm, Apoc is like Wings of Fury with a helicopter, right down to the identical sound effects dying soldiers use.

  7. good old times… nice selection, But where's Turrican??? would drop Apocalypse (Wings of Fury clone, looks boring) or Wing Commander (3D) for it.

  8. No ST Bash, shame on you uploader. I reckon Paradroid 90 deserves a mention.

  9. A lot of decent recommendations in the comments, but for me the best shooter was always Disposable Hero

  10. Jetstrike is such an awesome game! No one i speak to about it doesn't know it existed!

  11. What about Battle Squadron und its follow up Hybris? Two great shooters, Apidya being my favourite!


  13. Thanks for going to the trouble of showing us these great Amiga games

  14. those where the days:


    you listet EVERY FAB GAME OF US………………..

    RIGHT ON,COMMANDER !!!!!!!!!

  15. No Disposable-Heroes !!! This game is incredible with Battle-Squadron !!!
    Shoot or die, hahahah !!! 😉

  16. Thank you for the great video,
    Went straight to the attic and dusted of my Old friends the Amiga 500 and C64, it was long aho and i realy wanna play some of these games again.

  17. Thanks, good stuff! Please do more on the Amiga!

  18. backlash, datastorm,hybris, z-out, starray

  19. What's with the graphics errors in Desert Strike? The destroyed buildings don't usually flicker like that in the Amiga Version? :/

  20. perfect list…was about to type Apidya but you had it there all along…was a favorite of mine…the flying sections in Turrican 2 were pretty cool too!!

  21. Project X over disposable heroes all day, the graphics were so much better.
    That along with swiv and turican was my favourites.👍🙂

  22. Y the hell is Chaos Engine 2 included in a list of the "20 best Amiga[…]games"?

  23. wings ? Knights of the Sky ? walker ? hired guns (rockstar game !) ?

  24. Agony had nice graphics and music but as a game it was really repetitive and ultimately boring. Apidya although highly rated by people who’ve played it didn’t get nearly the amount of credit it deserved on release. Some of the reviews of it at the time pissed me off royally. I played every shmup going back in the day and couldn’t believe how good Apidya was. Oh, and where’s Turrican?

  25. Super Stardust
    Battle Squadron
    Disposable Hero

  26. Even modern 2D shooters can't look better than Banshee.

  27. Some very good inclusions (Apidya, Desert Strike, Alien Breed, Banshee, Stardust). But some odd ones too. Agony looks great but is seriously flawed as a shooter and very boring. Chaos Engine 2 is a vastly inferior game to its predecessor.

    Some games seem to fit more in the strategy genre (Cannon Fodder, Worms, Syndicate). I'm relieved that the horrible Xenon series was not included, though.

    Games that I would include in the top ten: Chaos Engine, Uridium 2, Silkworm, Battle Squadron, Datastorm. I might possibly include X-Out and Walker.

  28. Lol il n y a même pas xénon 2 qui est de loin le meilleur sur Amiga, puis battle squadron

  29. Battle squadron was an outstanding work visually and in sound…much better than some arcades

  30. Good video but why isn’t Battle Squadron in the list? It’s one of the best Amiga shoot em ups IMO with gorgeous graphics and awesome sound!

  31. Thanks for the video. I love the amiga and still play mine to this day. I don't think the amiga was a shmup power house, I think the mega drive and pc engine had a lot more choice and better quality when it came to shmups, but the amiga did have a few good ones too!

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