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26 Great Shooters with Open world | Shooter games

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0:00 Mad Max
0:40 Generation Zero
1:10 Outriders
1:40 Prey
2:17 Fallout 4
2:56 Saints Row 4
3:35 The Ascent
4:09 Just Cause 4
4:52 Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands
5:42 State of Decay 2
6:22 Far Cry 5
7:03 Cyberpunk 2077
7:40 Days Gone
8:16 The Outer Worlds
8:48 Watch Dogs: Legion
9:14 Homefront: The Revolution
9:45 Sniper Ghost Warrior 3
10:18 Rage 2
10:55 Arma 3
11:27 Red Dead Redemption 2
12:00 Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered
12:43 Borderlands 3
13:14 Mafia: Definitive Edition
13:55 ZERO Sievert
14:44 Terminator: Resistance
15:20 Destiny 2


  1. Англиский? ну и нахуй ты мне в подписках? Аревуа, я не чего не поддерживаю, но и английский не знаю. А те кто бастует Язык идиоты…. Язык не ПУТИН придумал

  2. Hey cool. A video about open world shooters.

    First game isn’t a shooter.

  3. fallout 4 is such a mid game,im pretty dissapointed with the game,i also add outerworlds on this list.

  4. i KNOW i am not seein this thumbnail correctly…

  5. I would add metro Exodus to this list. It has open world maps.

  6. As a Ghost Recon Wildlands player, I reccomend it to you.

  7. it sounds like AI generated video and voice over

  8. Idk why I hate AI voices on videos bro…

  9. Not played all of these games, but the ones I have did have beautiful open worlds and can see what the makers of them do next.

  10. Destiny 2 is not an open world game. It’s segmented off into sections and is closer to a Live Service MMO than any Open World games.

  11. I wish there's a game for android like mmorpg open world, there is also for fps game and also have quest hahah

  12. I may have missed seeing it, but "Just Cause 3" is an excellent game with open world and boo-koo mechanics like shooting tethers, shooting grappling hooks, parachuting, driving cars, boats, and airplanes as well as helicopters. That's not a full list, but enough for me to enjoy this game for almost a hundred hours now. I got the game from Steam for a paltry price during the Steam sale. Oh, did I mention your wing suit (with rockets and machine guns equipped)?

  13. Какел не шивруйся, мы тебя узнали

  14. Far Cry 3 is STILL the GOLD STANDARD when it comes to open world FPS games.

  15. I'm not cool with this wave of computer generated voiced videos

  16. This dude sounds like he is going to bed or something. This was the most boring review I have seen in months.

  17. I wish shooter games had more diversity in them. Typical America vs some hostile country is such a boring theme and they would not care for invading that place either way.

  18. Generation zero is hands down the best open world shooter. (For console)

  19. Bruh just why did you pick saint row that franchise sucks like no one likes it

  20. I love games with funny jokes where i can have serious disputes.

  21. Why do I see Russian lang on footages? Respect from RU, will play some of this)

  22. can i get the game name in thumbnail??

  23. Mad max is a brawler with occasional shooting but it is by no means a shooter

  24. Uh cyberpunk was at the time just panned because it's so bad, and then a cdpr dev started making toxic comments after release when fans chanted that they needed to fix the game. Honestly a lot of the games shown are mah to just not great such as watchdogs: legion, homefront the revolution was outright booring just as just cause 4 wich flopped also hard, saints row 4 was the least like saint row up until the new one, arma 3 was a horrendous bug fest wich basicly made everyone just go back to 2 and lastly destiny 2 wich bungie basicly nearly killed multiple times and now forces people to either get the meta weapon or basicly you have a bad time.
    Maybe do some actual research instead of what you did here…

  25. You forgot about Halo Infinite, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain and Sniper Elite 4/5.

  26. Can anyone tell me how many of these games are just humans and guns? No fantasy/zombies/aliens/robots etc.

  27. А где игры дед спейс трилогия, кризис трилогия, метро, томб райдер???

  28. I like most of them you mentioned but my favourites among those you mentioned are Days Gone 😍 Far Cry 5 😍 and Red Dead Redemption 2 😍

  29. Far cry 5 isnt even in the top 3 far crys so whys it on this list? Far cry 4, far cry new dawn and far cry primal are all better

  30. What it looks like to me in this video, is a non-gamer thst just looked up open world shooters on meta critic or some kinda site like that, and then just copy pasted the games and descriptions of said games into a script and tried to pass it off as knowing wtf you are talking about. More than 60% of these games are widely looked down on as trash shit games that no actual gamer would think was good. As well as so many options that are LEAGUES above any of these not even being mentioned. For instance. If borderlands is on here, why would destiny 2 not be? Destiny 2 is literally better than all the borderlands games combined, but wasnt mentioned at all? Wildlands was mentioned, but not the other tom clancy games that are better? One of the worst far cry games was put in place of any of the better ones? I dont like GTA but how can a list like this exsist without that game? Seeing as how that game literally is one of the most popular games of ALL time. None of the mass effect games were mentioned at all?? What? Star wars knights of the old republic 1? I could go on and on, if being a youtuber is this easy, i could be the best tier list youtuber on planet earth when it comes to gaming. We need REAL gamers back in this medium. Not wanna be gamers posing as one of us but just copying what it says on websites. Get your info from actually PLAYING AND ENJOYING said games. If you did, youd quickly realize that most of these games on this list dont hold a candle to so many better games out there.. like warframe? Wheres warframe? Quite literally one of the best looter shooters that has an open world embedded into it.

  31. What are the best sites to download games other than fitgirl

  32. can't help thinking this vid with have less dislikes if it wasn't for the Ai voice.. when will people learn that nobody likes them?

  33. I’m I the only person that likes homefront the revolution

  34. Yea I put in 280 hours and to say I'm disappointed it a gross understatement, I feel 80% of the loading screens could have bin hidden so easily the same way no man's sky and most other games do buy just not taking you out of the game to a loading screen but by far the biggest problem is the writing😅

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