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3 FREE Quest 2 online shooters you NEED to play!

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Today on BMFVR let’s talk free Quest 2 games with 3 free Quest 2 online shooters.

Pavlov Shack –
Spark –
Gun Raiders –

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  1. I just bought my first qeust 2 game for money

  2. Spark is a very good game. The devs give out lots of free stuff all the time.

  3. Ayyyy more Gun Raiders love!!! I've been playing that one since April 2021! We got some competitive scenes too, a few tournaments and a league. The movement mechanics are like no other!!

  4. Unless spark changed since beta, the monetization is very much "buy good stuff, have better weapons"… The other three, wins. Gunraiders is still my biggest addiction. Downloaded it literally just to test my Quest, but I've easily spent more time playing it than anything on my headset. There's so much depth to the technical aspects, despite it looking lame. And it's fun to murder squeekers.

  5. Thanks for giving gun raiders some attention it deserves

  6. A lot of the skins in gun raiders are also made by the community

  7. Would be pretty cool if there was exciting background music to go with the visuals!

  8. Would be pretty cool if there was exciting background music to go with the visuals!

  9. Bruh idk why ppl like gun raiders it’s so bad bruh

  10. Guess you could also add Paintball in Rec-Room to the list

  11. After that terrible update for Contractors. Gun Raiders is by far the best shooter now. Servers are great. There’s never any lag or frame rate issues. And has great gunplay and movement abilities.

  12. Is a PC required for these? They’re not showing on my quest app

  13. Money hungry to make a vid that's full of old games and ever one has this vid

  14. Aim xr is pretty good too. It had an update a while ago but not played it for awhile. Good list though. Thanks for sharing.

  15. You missed AIM XR. 5v5 pvp or pve its pretty good.

  16. bmfr pls get contractors it fun it like Pavlov but better also when bonelab come out

  17. Spark is just kinda pay to win so I’d rather wait for Pavlov or onward to get a Wild West update.

  18. I already have all these games but I didn't know about the spark update so thank you

  19. My list of games would be a Pavlov shack Hax. And. Grapple tournament

  20. Gun raiders in an ok game. I think it could be better.

  21. Well now I don’t just have to play Gunraiders for 12 hours straight

  22. I'm 32 and Gun Raiders is the only game I play but I mute everyone in the lobby each time because there is so many toxic kids but usually the matches is your typical Call of Duty talk.

  23. Did you put the bible verse on there? If you did I think that’s awesome and you should continue to. Maybe put John 3:16 next

  24. This man cannot peak, he always gets better

  25. Gun raider is full of like 5-12 year old kid and no I'm not joking

  26. POV: you just got a quest 2 and don't feel like spending money on games.

  27. I’ve played Pavlov and Gun Raiders A long Time go but then I found spark today Thanks to u thx

  28. I didn't find Gold Royale is it on quest too

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