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Episode 197 – We talk about every single light gun game available for the Saturn and even the PlayStation. Get ready for some screen flashing!

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  1. Time Crisis: Project Titan is the only game in the series that I have not been able to beat from the console releases. It's so tough to beat.

  2. Technically, Dreamcast was a 32-bits console…

  3. I was obsessed with Area 51 in the arcade. I never even knew there were any home ports of it.

  4. I wish some of those games weren't PS 1 Imports I'm not modding my PlayStation or buying a Japanese version just to play a couple of games when there are so many that don't require that Thanks guys great video

  5. Definitely couldn't watch more than 5 minutes of this. I don't get seizures, but holy shit.

  6. Extreme Ghostbusters is quite fun with a Guncon.

  7. I found a sealed copy of Elemental Gearbolt at a Saturday Market shortly after the PS2 was released. I have never been able to get it to work, probably because at that point I didn't have a CRT TV anymore and I don't think the guns work on LCD.

  8. 32-bit, the golden era of light gun games.

  9. There will be lots of screen flashing. If you have epilepsy…

    You can go straight to hell!

  10. I miss real gun games and wish someone would figure out how to make them really work in modern TVs

  11. God, I forgot about that “Action!” crap in Time Crisis before every shootout.

  12. the reaction animations and precise shooting of the guncon made ps1 time crisis incredibly satisfying to play

  13. Ummm… Crypt Killer actually did come out on the Saturn in the US, I have a copy.

  14. hey there, I got 2 copies of Maximum Force for psx and couple of different light guns and ALL OF THEM shoot like 2cm to the right, and can not calibrate it AT ALL for some reason….. checked also on 3 different crt's… do you know what would be the problem? did you hear about it before?

  15. could have mentioned ninja assault and vampire night,,

  16. That moment when you realise you missed an episode about GameSack for 2 years somehow and it's about exactly what I need! <3

  17. 33:03 Rescue Shot is was also came to Europe which i still got that game.

  18. 29:28 "you'd never see Iron maiden attacking the cities in the future" No, just sewing future 3D Realms over the name "Ion Maiden" like a pack of chumps

  19. 12:24 Lol "A kick in the, you know what.", cut to the future with Dave screaming "ASSSSS!". ^_^

  20. I had a Mad Catz light-gun for my Saturn that looked like a backwards phaser. It came with a PS1 adapter too.

  21. Could you review the Sinden lightgun sometime for contemporary displays ? I heard great stuff about it but I'd like to see what you think about it since you're a lot more picky which is good!

  22. I wonder if Death Crimson on other platforms have any redeeming features. That Saturn version was awful as that system sucks at 3D (it’s still a great system mind you especially with 2D games in mind), I wonder if that same game on Dreamcast and PS2 are any better, someone please tell me if they are, okay. It could’ve been great I feel.

  23. Hey you should do 6th generation light gun games.

  24. God, I really missed played Light Gun Games on Console.

  25. Too bad we never got an updated THE ADVENTURES OF BAYOU BILLY!

  26. 35:31 Actually the guncon1 does work on Japanese version of Elemental Gearbolt.

    I had no problems playing the game on my Fat ps2 scph 5000. For those few dozen people that need or want to go this route.

  27. Do a bit of research! Death Crimson was a hit in Japan because it was what is called a Kusoge game. Basically everyone thought that it was so bad it was good and bought it to laugh at it-like Troll 2 or The Room! 🙂

  28. Gotta give a neg for the disparaging words for the king of all these games, Virtua Cop 2. Horrible showing.

  29. are many light gun games two player? as in two light guns connected at the same time. i know many of these arcade games often supported two guns.. but that isn't always the case when they port these games over..

  30. will japanese PS1 games play on a north american system? i imagine they are region locked. also i heard someone say that light gun games for japanese tvs still differ somehow even though they use NTSC?

  31. ghostbusters extreme was actually pretty good
    you might want to check it out it does well at expanding the universe/

  32. The Sega Saturn was a box of crap I gave it to my cousin after a week 🤣🤣

  33. Back than we played Moorhuhn on pc with mouse. Constant shooting and reloading

  34. Death Crimson is one of those games that's considered so bad it's good by Japanese Saturn fans

  35. Not being able to shoot some parts of the screen is a result of different region. I have the same problem with Japanese Time Crisis 3 on my PAL PS2

  36. Guntu's irony of 1944 and Nazi's had me laughing.

  37. I still have that blue nyko gun and it still works like new!

  38. Man this brings back memories, has anybody tried those sinden light guns?

  39. You could find those Morhuhn cd-rom games being sold in almost every shop here in Europe. They would also release a sequel every x months.

    Good old days, which you could still get away with putting out a ton of crap. Nostalgia!

  40. I feel so bad that you guys played Time Crisis without a pedal, or at least as second controller to step on to be used as a pedal.

  41. With the announcement of house of dead for switch I’m hoping it has light gun esq modes for the controllers and not just thumb stick aim because of the light consolea

  42. Hakaider is a jp movie too cheesy clunky robot but hey.

  43. My Favorites Light Gun Games are Mostly From Sega, Virtua Cop 1, Virtua Cop 2, The House of The Dead 1,2, and 4( my favorite its the First One), and the 3rd one its okey for me jeje, Time Crisis from Namco it another i love it so much!, Razing Storm its another Lightgun Game really Cool!, Terminator Salvation Too….. oh yeah, i played on arcades another one from sega called… Lest Go Jungle its so Enjoyable! :DDD

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