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5 Classic Run and Gun Games You Need to Replay

John Hancock
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In this video, I take a look at some classic Run & Gun games you need to replay.
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  1. Great classics! I love the Metal Slug series, it's always been a toss up between 2 and 3 for my favorite one.

  2. I'll just add that Astro Boy on GBA is an amazing run and gun. Original cart is expensive but a repro cart is totally worth it. Loving these videos John; keep it up man!

  3. Honorable mention I’d like to add is “MERCS” which is “Rambo III” on steroids 😎!!!

  4. I really can't pick the best Metal Slug because I just want to replay them all, all the time.

  5. If your looking for a unrelated successor to the wonderful Gunstar Heroes then you definitely need to look up Rapid Reload on the PS1

  6. Contra, metal slug series and that shooting game Blue Dolphin by Sammy

  7. If you are talking run and gun you have to mention at least one Metal Slug.

  8. I've tried to really like Gunstar heroes I just find it overrated.

  9. Worth noting- gunstar heroes was released in 3D on the 3ds eshop

  10. Here's an underrated cult classic:

    Undeadline (MSX2, X68, Megadrive)

    Ohh and Elemental Master!


  12. I would add both NES classics Commando and Gunsmoke. Same type of shooter but totally different at the same time.

  13. Even if you did live in close proximity to a good arcade the NES version of Contra was clearly a superior crafted effort of that title with far better replay value. Contra in the arcade wasn't all that well distributed and in the case that you came across one there were many better options around the arcade to exhaust your quarters/tokens.

  14. All great games, John. Thanks for the video.

  15. contra returns is not free, it has in-app purchases. not worth it. very disappointed in John for pushing this game.

  16. Lilo and Stitch for GBA surprised me by being a decent run and gun, atleast in the stich portions. Thanks for the videos!

  17. Nice top 5 list John! It's a shame Metal Slug 3 was never released on the Neo Geo CD, we only got the first 2 games.

  18. The 5 best run and gun games are …
    1 metal slug
    2 metal slug
    3 metal slug
    4 metal slug
    And 5 ….
    Metal slug.
    Metal slug spits hot fire

  19. I swear to god if I see another add for this shite Contra mobile game I’m gonna lose my mind. The game is garbage

  20. I loved gunstar heroes on my Megadrive, I would suggest you try playing an amazing Amiga game that does not get mentioned often, called Ruff'n'tumble. It reminds of gunstar heroes in many ways and have to say I enjoyed it more back in the day. Honorable mention to Turrican 2 also on the amiga

  21. I see the adventures of Batman and Robin for Sega Genesis, I like.

  22. I cant argue with that list , I prefer metal slug 3 to contra but they are very different games and contra is simply the big daddy number 1 high lord undisputed champeen of run and guns. Nice vid MR H

  23. I remember playing contra In the arcades. Awesome game. The Nintendo version is also awesome I played that mostly cuz the arcade version wasn't available. I love these videos John keep em coming!

  24. i have to learn how to play alien soldier i have it.

  25. Really impressed by that new mobile Contra game. Way too much going on in the menus, very over the top with customisations etc like a typical mobile game but overall very impressive. There's a great game under all the mobile bs

  26. As much as I love Contra, I would replace it with Super C for one thing and one thing only: The Babalu Destructoid Mechanism!

  27. First off you put alien soldier BEFORE Cpntra hardcorps !? You should only mention north American releases that are available to us….
    Secondly where the HELL is contra hardcorps at all !?!? That definitely takes the cake before contea nes & alien solider… redo your list buddy

  28. Recently got Gigantic Army on the Nintendo Switch. Fun game!! Physicalbis also very colectable.

  29. I personally like both Contra 3: Alien Wars and Super C better than the original Contra. They would both be on the top of my list.

  30. Excellent selection John! I love all five of those games ,but I also love Cannon Spike on the Dreamcast!

  31. I was thinking you couldn't not mention Metal Slug, that is my go to run and gun

  32. Man, I think The Adventures of Batman and Robin looks great but plays like shit. Definitely a let down.

  33. These are the 5 "run and gun" games I'd recommend in addition to yours, John.

    5 Rolling Thunder II (I and III are good too, but I prefer II)
    4 RoboCop Vs. Terminator
    3 Contra Hard Corps
    2 Zombies Ate My Neighbors
    1 Sunset Riders

  34. Even though John mostly reviews stupid genres like fighting or shooters, I still give him a like

  35. I think that I'd have to put Metal Slug 3 in my top 10 favourite games of all time. It was the first Metal Slug game that I ever played and I instantly fell in love with it. Only problem I had with my experience was that it was on xbox live arcade and it had this God awful smoothing filter that you couldn't turn off. I have absolutely no idea why they felt the need to do that? As a retro gamer I'd much rather have the gorgeous pixel art. I'd recommend it on the Switch. It has a ton of options that you can choose from with the filters so you can get that arcade cabinet feel just right.

  36. That's my favorite running gun Contra and Super C I have both still on my NES I'm never going to get rid of any of my game systems never never never never never never I don't care how much you offer how much money does it matter I got a Neo Geo Neo Geo CD Sega has all the sagas all the Nintendo's a lot I have a lot I got more I just can't remember them all I love your Channel

  37. Metal Slug X is my favorite, and Contra Hard Corps my favorite contra game ever

  38. Gunners Heaven for Playstation is also very good

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