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5 FPS Games I Can’t Live Without…

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These 5 FPS games aren’t necessarily the best FPS games out there, but I definitely couldn’t live without them. These are the FPS games that I keep going back to over and over, year after year. These are the FPS games that you depend on, and if you were stranded on a desert island, would want to have them with you forever. What are your top 5 FPS games that you can’t live without? Let me know down below. Thanks for watching!

00:00 5 FPS Games I Can’t Live Without Intro
00:49 Titanfall 2
02:11 Counterstrike Global Offensive
03:15 Splitgate
04:55 Battlefield 4
06:32 Halo MCC

These FPS Games definitely impacted me over the years, and are the FPS games I come back to between every big release and when I need an FPS game that I can count on. Not all of these titles are Free FPS games but plenty of them now cost very little, so if you are a gamer on a budget these are all titles to look into.

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  1. Halo is an absolutely crap series that has pulled the wool over a lot of people's eyes. Movement is ridiculously floaty.

  2. My list is fortnite call of Duty YouTube War zone and Netflix

  3. Titanfall 2 is the only game worth being on this list, along side it I would add
    Destiny 2 (10 trillion times better than Halo Infinite)
    COD (anyone of them even the worst ones still better than the rest)
    Fallout 4 (mods keep it fresh)
    nothing else really I would add Warframe but it's not first person, Rainbow Six has it's moment you can count it in, Battleroyal is the worst thing that ever happen in the history of gaming

  4. take a shot everytime he says “time and time again”

  5. CS, Splitgate, Quake Champions, Fortnite I guess? And Apex. Having to come up with 5 just made me realize how few shooters I’ve played

  6. lot of game copying Doom 3 gun. A future gun with small panel to show gun status

  7. I wanted to download split-gate but I didn’t for the longest time because I didn’t want to play a nobody game but now I know it’s not

  8. I bought titanfall 2 at a dollar tree for $1.07 best money I’ve ever spent

  9. CSGO competitive nowadays manages to be so overwhelming and underwhelming at the same fucking time;
    90% of the time is just prefiring corners and the other 10% is slurs in chat

  10. The names of all the games in the intro???

  11. 1. Destiny2
    2. Half life 2
    3. Titanfall 2
    4. Modern warfare 2
    5. Wolfenstien 2009

  12. 1. Battlefield 1
    2. Destiny 2
    3. World at War
    4. MW2
    5. MCC

  13. This list is based asf, no apex, no valorant, no cod.

  14. It’s not fair to put split gate on this list it’s fairly new so it doesn’t fit the criteria

  15. Why do PC gamers always make their FOV look so weird.

  16. No game comes close to how much fun I had with BF4.

  17. 00:35
    I like this game so much that you didn't list it, please tell me its name, I am very interested in this game ❤️

  18. My only fps game and honestly the only one I care for has to be BL2 and before anyone says it no I refuse to play BL3 AS WELL AS TINY TINAS WONDERLAND are an absolute embarrassment to fps games and Pre-Sequel can't even be given a place because to have it in the same room as BL2 is insulting in general

  19. The only game I consistently come back to is phantom forces because it’s what a green up with

  20. Since you like halo mcc so much I'm sure you will like destiny 2 just as much (also made by bungie)

  21. Well
    1. obviously counter strike (its was and is still the Lan game which is first to play although i haven't been on a lan in quite some time but when the first game always CS)
    2. Battlefield 4 or 1 both have there great moments i know some hate bf1 but i love it its very immersive but i agree bf4 has the better gameplay
    3. Its Battlefront 2 just because its the best Star Wars multiplayer shooter and well the only one tbh. Squadron is not a Shooter
    4. Vermintide 2 although its technically not a full shooter since the melee focus if vermintide doesnt count then L4D2 as a close second just because i love warhammer more
    5. Apex Legends but in its place would have been overwatch but i highly dislike Overwatch 2 because i don't like the grind for new heroes dont get me wrong it would have been okay if it was from the beginning but i think its a bad change and the grind is to hard so Apex it is sry OW

  22. Me: masterpiece that isn't on the list
    youtubers: what games??? we cover all the best games

    Doom Music kick in
    Youtubers: die of shame

  23. I guess I'm old now. But I was hooked on Team Fortress 1 and 2, quake arena. The original BF 1946. Return to Castle Wolfenstien, Halo the original playing in a house on a LAN lol, no internet. Just a house party playing Halo on a LAN. I fell in love with Titan Fall ONE, and played it for years on PC. I got a few friends hooked on that game. Then I had a spat of no gaming, then fell in love with Battlefield 1, and overwatch. I know there are no multiplayer Metro games, but I really enjoy the first two metro games to death, and it took me years to actually play them. To be fair, I really loved Max Payne 1 from Remedy studios and and Max payne 3 that was released by rockstar. These were the first games with slow motion and bullet time. I'm also waiting on the new Stalker game to come out if the world doesn't end before it's released. I also played the original fear. There are some gems out there.

  24. well at least this one did not included the main [Flower Game(s)] franchise (Gameplay-wise) on its list here.

    it is for the best.

  25. my tier list of 5 fps games is
    1# csgo
    2# splitgate
    3# cod
    4# roblox (fps games ex: arsenal)
    5# tf2

  26. Halo Infinite is my favorite multiplayer FPS
    Love It

  27. tbh i was gonna play titanfall 2 but it cost money. and i dont want to spend money on games. thanks for the list tho i really loved it and listening to u talking about ur experience with them. i hope u reacg 200k soon from where youn are now.

  28. The only fps game ive really put any effort into learning is valorant

  29. halo and splitgate? (no halo fan 🙁 )
    damn but bf4 cs go and titanfall are in my to 5 as well

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