6 Upcoming FPS Games As Realistic As Real Life | PS5, Xbox Series X, PC | New In Gaming - grsgames.com

6 Upcoming FPS Games As Realistic As Real Life | PS5, Xbox Series X, PC | New In Gaming

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In today’s ‘New In Gaming’, we take a look at new anticipated FPS Realistic Graphics games and also the most Realistic games in it’s gameplay features and they all look amazing! Which game in this list has your interest?
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  1. I know it doesn’t say but I wonder if series s would be included

  2. so realistic that he used the force to load a mag LOL

  3. I think it is worth to mention also "Zero Hour", it's in early access on steam, and it just keeps getting better over and over again after the updates. The only downside is that only very few people know about the game, so community is small right now. Check it out!

  4. Ben waiting for six days in fallujah forever now!

  5. Why is there no competitors for call of duty it's the number one selling game every year and sells like crazy but it's so boring now. Is there anything in the works for a call of duty replacement or a competitor 6v6 arcade shooter? You know something for casuals where we can sit down on the couch and relax after work and smoke one and play call of duty and have fun!

  6. These hyped up realistic games are not even close to being realistic looking. Yes you can find a frame or an angle that looks like a blown out realistic frame or a movement that looks realistic.Put it in black and white that wont make it look like a poorly photoshopped lego. But no we are about a decade or more from getting a real scary looking video game. Frame rates are speading up and 5g wireless are ingreasing the level of smooth and realistic movement. But it still takes 2 seconds to find a character that looks like its floating like a cartoon or texture object that looks like playstation one. The map creators cover up there lazy developement in certain ways. Hard to put the money down on a new xbox or a 5000 dollar gamin pc if it the gaming development is 7 years behind the technology.Make an offline bot ai game at 4k 60 frame rate that is one map and built out to max level to perfection.

  7. speaking of realistic FPS… only answer: Escape From Tarkov

  8. Love the title and the thumbnail of the pointing finger looking like it snapped backwards. Lol

  9. project wraith looks like a direct Escape From Tarkov clone ripoff……

  10. "so realistic" Ready or Not, NPC doesn't react to bright light.

  11. Let be REAL… Vehicles are not good cover… lets start making them that way… look up some ballistics videos of vehicles… some rando, blown up vic won't provide anything but minimal concealment.

  12. Is this a IGN employee? can we get a different narrairtor… Who in the diversity dept. thought this was the best choice….

  13. sigh. I didnt see anything good in this video

  14. I still think Modern Warfare 2019 is still better

  15. We won't need these games soon once the war with China begins….it will be very realistic indeed

  16. VR in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020….would be awesome.

  17. If their going to make a realistic FPS game then they need to start making the character gamers play based off the actually gamer playing. So if for example the player is fat as shit and can't walk then that means their in game character must be fat as shit and can't walk also. Thats how you make an FPS game as real as real life. It would also be hilarious 🤣

  18. Ah good old project Wraith worked on that for a bit team was complete mess organisation wise glad to see it's made it this far.

  19. Been playing Ground Branch for months. Game is so awesome. As they add maps, weapons, and improve the AI this game will be competitive with ARMA as for realism, just on a smaller and much more tactical scale.

  20. Apex unreal engine 4?? Epic games created unreal engine buddy.

  21. There is no game as realistic as real life . The best you’re gonna get is acknowledging it’s just a game you’re playing in real life .

  22. Fuck graphics how players surviving after many bullets and continuing mission can be realistic.

  23. Excited for 6 Days!!

    That being said, any recommendations for the most realistic/mil sim games available RIGHT NOW on PS4/5? Multiplayer or single player, doesn't matter. Preferably modern day.

  24. Call o Duuts has been stale AF for the last few titles IMO .. From MW2 to WW2 I bought each yrs title and couldn’t stop grinding for the most part and now I can’t even play 2hrs without getting bored. Activision should make a “ Best Of “ cod with the best maps and guns from each title?! I’ve said it for 3yrs now.. if they’re not careful, they will lose a hunk of their fans to other games comin out!! Bbbbbbiggg FACTS JACKS!

  25. everybody gangsta til news companies and people try to cancel these games for being too realistic

  26. I am confused about the Falluja one aren’t all games narrated by a real person seriously what the fuck does that even mean of course it’s a real person

  27. How about Escape From Tarkov or Verdun? are they too realistic (enough)?

  28. Six Days In Fallujah looks super sick👍…so does the WW2 one at the end!

  29. Half of these are going to take for ever to come 😭

  30. Are we ever gonna see a r6 Vegas updated? F seige!

  31. If six days in fallujah is not out by March then I won't be following it anymore

  32. I got a ps5 recently just to play 6days in fellujah… what’s going on with that, anyone know? I read something about it being banned or something like that, is it available for ps5?? Is it even out yet?

  33. Sorry but ground branch is not coming to console? From what I’ve been hearing and reading it’s staying on PC only 🙁

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