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7 Best Open World Games That Are Always IGNORED

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There was a time when open world games were releasing constantly. Here are some great titles we think don’t get enough recognition.
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  1. m/ @@ m/ Rock On mm/ Sleeping Dogs Yeaaaa. Alll Far Cry & #2 Hooked me on the Franchize, & of Course "Mad Max" & His Little Mech, the Shaman of The wasteland Building the Ultimate "Black" Wasteland destuction Rat Rod . {{{ <3 }}}

  2. Dragon dogma sounds like a copy of Dragon age origins which is a great game to play if you haven’t

  3. most of your "best games" are absolute trash especially the first one….. and the second one… if i wanted to play a game with playstation 2 graphics why would i buy a pc?????????? this video is a big BRUHH anime dweebs ruining the gaming industry yet again….

  4. I love dragons dogma just for being able to climb all the monsters instead of the usual hack,slash, dodge,etc.

  5. Mad MAx was totally awsome. THAT absolutely deserves a followup.

  6. I wish the yakuza series was like sleeping dogs, I'd play them all in order if thet were the case…

  7. ok, I can’t agreed more with mad max and sleeping dogs, but where the hell is saints raw the third??

  8. I agree with Mad Max. Such a great overlooked game. Great vid.

  9. Where is cyberpunk 2077? I love that game. It’s pretty worth it now. They fixed 80% of the glitches

  10. I swear if this video doesn't have DayZ in it (like every other video that ignores this revolutionary game) I will throw a fit! lol

  11. Two Worlds: the best crap game I've ever played.

  12. Love the Saboteur! But also Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Metro Exodus (if it counts as an open world game), and Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning are great open world games imo

  13. I also absolutely adore Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles. Just finished it not too long ago

  14. Definitely agree about The Saboteur. Very underrated and really great.

  15. Dragon's Dogma
    Sleeping Dogs
    Far Cry 2
    The Saboteur
    Mad Max

  16. The Saboteur was Awesome I played it on XBOX 360 and I also love Mad Max on PS4 I still play it from time to time.
    Mafia 3 is another great open world game

  17. Mad max released the exact same day as metal gear solid 5, odd choice lol

  18. Sleeping dogs is great too a lot of great cheap games on ps4

  19. Everyone know far cry, since first far cry was one of standard benchmark games beside half-life and doom, beautifully graphic kinda Crysis at the time. Far cry 6 is proof that far cry isn't underated.

    But yes, not for mad max and sleeping dog, we can call it underated. Wish get more sequel.

  20. Mad Max is still on my wishlist, i'm broke asf.

  21. Sadly Outer Worlds us left out of a list yet again 😢

  22. YES!!!! Saboteur was amazing!! When I started watching this video my first thought was, “They better f-cking say Saboteur, or I am for sure leaving a comment about it”… I guess I wound up leaving a comment about it anyway lol

  23. The Saboteur is still one of the best games I’ve ever played! We need a reboot or sequel!!

  24. I want to thank you man for suggesting mad Max I had no idea this game was like this I believe it or not I just bought it I know it sounds bad but I regret not buying it a long time ago I got it for $5 on sale I mean seriously $5 for a game like this are you freaking kidding me and there's all these other games for $60 I mean my God I'd have been happy to pay $60 for this game it's just huge there's so much to do I don't get this they should make a sequel or add DLCs God I love this game I can't put it down!! Please the company or game makers that made this game please make a sequel or add DLCs please I beg you you'll make more money I promise thank you for suggesting this game this game is so awesome!! And no I'm not a 10-year-old or a 15 year old believe it or not I'm 50 LOL and yes I still play video games baby!!

  25. Yeah Sabotwaahh!!!! And speaking of Pandemic studios, Mercs needs new life.

  26. I'm glad far cry 2 is on here.

    I think it's appeal was it's balance. Right amount of action. Realism. Story. Nothing was overdone. Nothing was lacking. It just felt good top to bottom to play. Even the best modern games today make mistakes and/or fail to find the sweetspot with some aspects of the game. Fc2 was one of the closest you will ever get to perfect balance in a game at least Imo

  27. I wish Dragon's Dogma had a bigger map and faster travel… I felt like I was just running around the same places and running slowly… but it was fun for awhile

  28. Having played 3 out of 7 (played the first gen of Dragons Dogma before it got fixed up, Saboteur and Prototype), quite glad to see I didn't miss too many gems.

  29. Love sleeping dogs. Wish they made a second sleeping dogs

  30. You keep saying for at the time for at the time… a lot of the unique things about many of these games still stand today and now I'll ask you to list a bunch of newer ones that trump and destroy them using these features and even better please? Since only at the time did these game hold up or present something new then where are all the amazing new AAA games that are being released that are better than these and giving us new things… I'm waiting….
    you never will or could even answer because it's clear each day that you don't truly know the scope of games in the world nor your games at all just in general… get a new job dude

  31. Mad max was incredible- I played the hell out of it for months. It's on my gotta go back and finish it list for sure…

  32. So two things. Farcry 2 multiplayer was a really fun experience. Secondly, Rebel Wilson…holy shit. I’m referencing the add that interrupted the video.

  33. Sleeping Dogs!! I need to go back to it. I ended up getting the Definitive Edition with all the DLC's, which I never finished. SO thanks for the reminder!

  34. The Saboteur may well be a fantastic game when it comes to gameplay. I, however, couldn't get through the intro cinematic and the tutorial without screaming at my screen. The "Irish" accent the VO artist for Sean Devlin put on was so offensive to my Irish ears that at that point I shut down the game and never touched it again.

    To me it sounded like a weird mixture of a Dublin lad getting arse-raped by an Ulster bloke sucking off a Leitrim cattle farmer, with frequent Americanism thrown in.

  35. Mad Max was overshadowed as FUCK cuz it came out the same day as Phantom Pain like and got 10’s across the board

  36. Old vid, just recommended to me by, the always reliable, YouTube algorithm.
    My pick, that wasn't mentioned, would be Outward. I don't think that was a publicly acclaimed, for as good as it is.

  37. Only problem with far cry 2 for me was when you got to the end with the jackel it created a save and anything you missed to pick up you couldn't go back.

  38. First Person Shooters are not open world games.

  39. Bought Mad Max for XseriesX, will install next week.. hopefully will be fun.

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