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a FREE new first person shooter game..

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XDefiant is a new free to play FPS from Ubisoft.. exciting? Or just a COD copy?
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  1. Yo that’s somehow a mix of Division and Ghost Recon Phantoms style.

  2. Looks like the work environnement is better than activision’s.

  3. If its pvp I am not ever playing the game. I suck at pvp.

  4. Play as Sam Fisher in the Echelon faction in a FPS. Please, just dont do this.

  5. They are doing Tom Clancy dirty slapping his name on their new titles I respect that they are somewhat trying but I have a feeling this is gonna flop just like hyperscape

  6. I might give it a try but I don’t think this will overcome call of duty I know it was in spired but idk?

  7. so theres this great website i heard about…

  8. This is gonna be a big hit for pvp division players!! I’m excited!!

  9. Realistic ?

    They never shot a gun before did they ?

  10. When it coming out August 1 or August 25th pls ??

  11. Not a hater but the graphics looks like a mobile game

  12. kinda gives me an apex legends trailer vibe

  13. War face cross titan fall cross cod cross rainbow

  14. We're a shooter first, plus marvel hero capes, and stupid devices, and ok it's not really a shooter. STOP THIS GARBAGE FAD. PLEASE.

  15. These people are literally copying Apex Legends characters. HAHA

  16. Ahhh Mark Rubin the guy from cod ghosts back in the day…

  17. Yea I really like it. It really brings out the aspect of Rainbow Six!!

  18. As he said “this is cool” I was thinking “this is terrible”….

  19. i swear with gunplay this good ubisoft is breeding serial killers🤣

  20. I was accepted into the closed beta for this game it was really fun!

  21. Is it realistic like 3 hit dead or like 20 hit dead

  22. the big question is. will this game runs on GT730.

  23. Literally has nothing to do with Tom Clancy. Whatsoever.

  24. the fact the game just looks like cod fish agin

  25. I hope it doesn't have the thick sbmm that COD does now because that's a huge turnoff.

  26. Dude this is literally bo4 but remastered and better, even though it wasnt the best game, i had great memories in 2018. Hopefully this game is a great one 👍

  27. It would we veryyy good if they released it on ios and android because people don’t have pc ps5 and stuff like that so so I’m wishing that that release it on ios and android so pls talk the. Developers

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