Adding a LIGHT GUN to the Game Room! (No Sensors needed!) -

Adding a LIGHT GUN to the Game Room! (No Sensors needed!)

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Reviewing the Sinden Light Gun, which is LCD television compatible with no external sensors needed. However, we do run into some slight hiccups and configuration problems.

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Sony FDR-AX53 4K camcorder :
Rode Shotgun microphone :
Audio Technica AT4033/CL (voice overs) :
STUDIO LIGHTS: Aputure Light Storm LS 1C
Headphones: Meze 99 Classics:

Computer: Apple iMac 27″ w/ Final Cut Pro X :
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** Disclaimer: Paul paid for the Sinden Lightgun with his own money. All of the thoughts and opinions are our own **


  1. I'd rather just use a sensor and know it's going to be far more reliable and less fussy.

  2. This technology has actually been licensed by Polymega. The errors you ran into were down to a Windows update and not figuring out that your mood lighting was conflicting with the screen pickup. Sounds plug and play to me. And as for Mame. You always have to configure mame! Hahaha. Glad you got it going though! The great thing about the Sinden Lightgun is that it works on Raspberry Pi's and Pcs and also some mini classic consoles too! Should've got the Sega Model 2 emulator going and hit up some arcade Virtua Cop and House of the Dead!!

  3. I was really hoping I could just plug it into my fat PS3 and jump into some classic PS2 like on games like vampire night

  4. Hey Metal Jesus..just came across 64 pick ups..let me know some good titles 🙂

  5. Bruce Campbell for president 12 gauge double barrel says:

    With complicated installation I see a short shelf life

  6. Oh that border is great for OLED TV users, as i am one, so i think i will try the Polymega-Gun and hope there is no border

  7. 10:14 When the room lighting was messing with the tracking, I think you can tweak the color of the border so the gun can pick up on that color instead of whatever color the ambient lighting of the room is.

  8. When I turn my border on I also use mame. It cuts off some of my game at the top and bottom. I see your point blank was inside the border do you no how you did that?

  9. I want one of those. I’m holding off though until it works with original hardware (PS1/2 as an example).

  10. And so a while into it, still figure these are the best? I'm about to start into a lightgun build and just checking how you feel about them.

  11. Ha! Funny to see the COM3/COM4 port from BT being used. I used to used BT with my old flip phone as a modem using COM. $2.95/mo unlimited data, aww yeeeah

  12. I will be playing on my 133" 4K projector screen.

  13. Finally got my 2 guns. Man what a chore to setup… these things are not for the weak and weary,but its worth the trouble…they are awesome

  14. I Am just getting into light gun games bought a Nintendo wii for resident evil, the house of the dead and more light gun games and wii sports. I’m glad I live in Seattle we have places that sale good stuff on the cheap. But now coming to find out everyone plays light gun games on Pc I never knew you could do this. What sucks is we don’t have any arcades here I wanted to to play house of the dead in the arcade but can’t find one. Or possibly buying an arcade machine.

  15. This is such an ingenious way to be able to use light guns on modern tvs. I'm actually surprised other companies haven't already figured this out and made their own.

  16. Bolt recoil as well 😮 looks a quality piece of kit

  17. Another awesome video mate!
    I’ll be adding this to my setup if it works with a Super Console X Pro?

  18. Would love to play the great lightgun games of the 90th and 2000th from SEGA, Namco and Capcom again, but not willing to bother myself with a big and heavy crt tv anymore. So this gun seems to be perfect. And hope this new technology will be a big success. Great video!

  19. Looks fun once you dial it in. But also looks like the reason I got out of PC gaming in the late 90's. So hard to get a game going. Had to be sure all the drivers were correct. Had to have the minimum requirements. Dos or Windows? Did the game work in Windows? Was my sound card compatible ? Video card requirements? Man I just want to play a game. So much easier with a PS. Pop the game in the console and a minute later I was playing. I switched to console gaming for a long time. Within the last couple of years I have discovered GOG and Steam. Makes things so much easier.

  20. I might be in the minority. But I think I prefer light gun replacements that use IR sensors. I would personally have the sensors that hang off the side of the TV over a white border that covers the edges of the display

  21. Sinden Light Gun ROCK!!!

    Windows Update SUCK!

  22. This is a very ambitious project, fo sho…🤘🏼💯✔️

  23. I had a bad experience with these guns and win7, its possible that an update, or more than likely a shut down messed up the clicking of windows. Im going to install windows 10 next and give it a reinstall.

  24. What happened to the Polymega light gun system?

  25. I am having a hard time reloading with some of the gun games that shoot off screen. Any suggestions?

  26. Just got mine! It's a quality piece of HW! long cable, and very sturdy! Heavy too!

  27. Nice vid, I've a question ….the lightgun work fine with retro console like ps2???

  28. I got 2 of these guns on my Mame arcade cabinet, they are great. I ran into some software issues, but I figured it out, I had the same error 100 also.

  29. Will these work on the Atgames products? Legends/Pro?

  30. The ninja master gained weight i think the last time i saw him was when you guys did you "Gamer Eats"

  31. Late af and not a typical viewer, but this thing…. This thing is on it's way to being THE solution. 🙏 Miss light gun games.

  32. I would love to hang out with Metal Jesus, he seems to have sooo much fun!

  33. My pair its on its way, thank you for making this video.

  34. I have my windows 10 pc connected to a CRT TV for retro gaming via emulation. Will this gun work?

  35. "No sensors needed"? Erm, as with all lightguns, including gun4Air and AimTrak – a sensor is most DEFINITELY needed!!

  36. Would be cool if you can play call of duty with a light gun

  37. This gun is even better on a steam gun game like The House Of The Dead remake.

  38. The Bluetooth issue, is just because the way which a bluetooth device uses in order to communicate with your PC, is creating a virtual COM port, and this lightgun uses a COM port too but over USB, so, it can create a conflict.

  39. It’s sad that it takes so much work to get the gun to work. Plus I’m looking for a light gun that works with console games and modern TV’s.

  40. Can this Light gun work on a Atgames Ultimate Legends Arcade cab?

  41. Does it work in teknoparrot games like time crisis 5 and any light gun game

  42. Does anyone know if this would work with a projector on a 100” screen?

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