Adding a LIGHT GUN to the Game Room! (No Sensors needed!) -

Adding a LIGHT GUN to the Game Room! (No Sensors needed!)

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Reviewing the Sinden Light Gun, which is LCD television compatible with no external sensors needed. However, we do run into some slight hiccups and configuration problems.

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** Disclaimer: Paul paid for the Sinden Lightgun with his own money. All of the thoughts and opinions are our own **


  1. Cool, but I admit I clicked in hoping this was something to allow the NES light gun work on an LCD TV 😞

  2. Alright, when is Paul doing game snacks again?

  3. I heard about this year's ago now. They came out saying it was like the Wii. Great story

  4. The white boarder is a bit annoying but I'm sure not having it would be very hard to do.

  5. if you are a fan of lightgun games, yall need to get into VR. I can play almost any retro Lightgun game on my hmd.

  6. Regarding the hue lights, I am pretty sure you can change the colour of the border and the gun will look for that colour, so theoretically you could either just change your lights from any colour other than white, or just change the in-game border to a different colour (i imagine this would work better than the other way around) which helps to twink.

    Also regardless of how 'plug and play' the gun ever gets from a startup perspective, you're always going to need to do tinkering/calibration in the service menus, etc so there's always going to be a level of tinkering and setting up I think

  7. I hope you freaks are stocking up on guncon 2's before they triple in price

  8. Light gun games need to revived due to rise of 'cinematic' shooting and action games, but here's a PC lightgun accessory. Imagine you can play Doom Eternal with light gun

  9. You mean you have to use your hands? That’s like a baby’s toy!

  10. 260 australian for a recoil one, 160 for no recoil. Almost 5mill au$ in backing. WOW :O

  11. Do you think that this is gonna sell better in the USA than elsewhere? 😏

  12. This makes me miss my old Guncon 3 for Time Crisis 4 on PS3. I loved going to the movie Theater to play these light gun games.

  13. You forgot, it won't help me play Saturn Stunner or Playstation Justifier or GunCon games. Or other console games on a real TV. I would have signed up with it, but no console compatibility means no sale.

  14. Like the "Cannon Ball Run" poster. The new game room is awesome!

  15. Man I would love to build a all in one arcade cabinet with some of my favorite all time games like Jurassic Park, Star Wars, or Area 51. I bet by the time I'm finally ready to make it there will be dope software to manage it all.

  16. If you are still using Windows 7 or 8… You should not be investing in a next gen light gun for your gaming set up LoL!

  17. As a prop maker and designer I have an extreme want to give this boring, plain gun an awesome custom paint job! Both of these guys' collections deserve it.

  18. Those type of light guns have bin around for many years, this one seams to work better do. The boring part is that they normally not support more than one unit at a time. No Co-Op.

  19. Your contact is extremely underrated on YouTube

  20. Light guns are okay, but I'm more into heavy guns

  21. Amazing! Good to see DMP again. Glad to see you guys together again, talking games 😊

  22. Looks like a british company so 8am sunday morning would be like 2-3pm here for us xD

  23. Nice video. The product unfortunatelly is very expensive.

  24. Been subbed for years , alway great content thank you ! 🙏🏼

  25. I got an AimTrak gun up and running a couple weeks ago with Retroarch. I still don't have it working with MAME, but it works on nearly every console and is a lot of fun. Playing through Policenauts on Saturn right now.

  26. This looks tight! The only CRT I can cram into my living room is a 14” tv that a neighbor set out on a chair with a sign “Free” (not the chair!)”, so it’s less than epic (but it works! Folks, if you still have a CRT TV, hold onto it if you can! Nice for 8-16 bit systems on the coffee table when others are watching my main TV!).

    I have a question, MJ, not sure if you or a viewer has the answer: with the calibration needed, do you have to stand totally still? Will stepping forward/back or sides throw off the shot detection of the camera? If so I’m sure they’ll find a way to fix it with an update (that setup screen has more Tabs than an 80’s swimsuit model!). I’m sure with time they’ll, as you guys said, “idiot-proof” it (paraphrasing!), as they’re sure taking this project seriously as shown by the quality of the gun build, different styles, and all the mystical coding efforts they’ve already given this!

    Last question my dudes: have they announced console compatibility? I’m a SEGA light gun nut (Virtua Cop 1&2, House of the Dead 1&2, Confidential Mission, Death Crimson Ox) so playing those on my 65” would be a dream come true for me! I’d also be pleased as punch if anyone released a sensor-based Light Phaser (be even cooler if modeled after the Master System gun with some added buttons!).

    Thank you both so Major much for this rad video and keep them coming! Stay healthy, safe, sane and fun!

  27. DMP !! It's so good to see you two back together. Great episode Jason

  28. Man your lucky to have hair like that I'm starting to bald at 27

  29. 7:00 Ouch! That's a massive problem for people that may only have one computer and rely on Bluetooth devices. Glad I watched this. Definitely something to look into further and keep tabs on.

  30. oh weak/cool! that may be why i cant play it on my projector..!!

  31. Imagine going to a police station with this camera and taking pictures of cops?

  32. Tbh Microsoft and Sony could make BIG money selling a senor and a light gun along with exclusive games for it like House of the Dead. That'd be a CRAZE WAVE like Guitar Hero. I'd def buy something like that for my XBOX I miss light gun arcades.

  33. I was looking at these a while ago they look like fun but i have no real use for it

  34. I was the most excited kid for the super scope, there was nobody else who was more stoked; before stoked was in my vocab

  35. The best lightgun experiences have honestly been with [v vr games. EMUVR and New retro arcade neon to play TM2 and time crisis on playstation were a blast. Not the real thing but good enough for me!

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