Airsoft War - Zombie Gun Game (POV) | TrueMOBSTER -

Airsoft War – Zombie Gun Game (POV) | TrueMOBSTER

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Airsoft War – Zombie Gun Game, what happens when you mix guns and zombies together, hope you enjoy this first person zombie shooter.

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🚨Notify your local police before filming on the streets with replica weapons, The guns seen and used in this video are Airsoft guns.

About TrueMOBSTER:
We make fun nerf and airsoft videos including Nerf War, Airsoft War and GTA 5 In Real Life. All of our videos are full of visual effects and some of the coolest Nerf and airsoft guns!

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  3. You idiot you were supposed to aim for the head because the head is the brain and it kills the whole body but what I'm going to hit the Bell

  4. wait TrueMOBSTER I just realised you know you could have saved him right.

  5. you really the videogame call of duty zombie

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  10. When the Doom music kicks in😈

  11. Don't I subscribe and like and hit belt can I get one those guns now

  12. I wish i knew where to find those gas mask were

  13. Ooh yeah!! I thought it’s a real 4d game

  14. Is that r-real zombie 😰😰😰😰😰

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  17. your just like me jacket with a mask and gloves

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