An ultra-realistic game for solo gamers -

An ultra-realistic game for solo gamers

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Check out the game here:

Video at intro:
Video by Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels:

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  1. I'm just waiting for it to come to consoles. Consoles are so starved for good new shooter games that aren't online-only.

  2. Is this all vanilla? If so I need to hop back into it, looks way better than when I last played

  3. Hear me out, new maps are perfect for a quick fix, but to really have this game stand out is to have the AI move like they do in the new MW2. Actively checking corners or around big objects where someone could be hiding. Just that alone would make it better. Still a cool looking game.


  5. So is this game pvp or a campaign like mission?

  6. “We can’t make alot of noise”

    Less then a minute later: throws frag

  7. My big 3 that I rotate on PC that aren’t big AAA games are ground branch, insurgency sandstorm. And ready or not

  8. "I have a suppressor because I am sneaking up on them and don't want to make a bunch of noise."

    30 seconds later

    "I'm just going to toss a hand grenade down this hallway."

  9. Can you please list what systems they are on from now on

  10. We need to stop calling them, "realistic"
    Theyre hardcore games. You can never reach a point of realism that people act like games have.

  11. Single player shooters are BORING.

  12. Damn I've not seen a most aggressive c clamp in a video game lol

  13. Can't wait till they put AI teammates so I can at least have someone to cover my ass

  14. This game is seriously worth playing. Realistic as hell and good for solo play. There's definitely room for improvement but it's still top notch

  15. Shame its highly priced for this game, i have Insurgency: Sandstorm so until this is on a decent sale price i will stick to that.

  16. I watched this video five months ago, now I've become a master at making the dumbest loadouts work in this game.

  17. 1 Patch per YEAR?! 😀 😀 😀 No thanks…

  18. Looks like u are playing against bunch of idiot ai. It is not realistic

  19. another blunder to us solo console players

  20. It's a shame all you play now is warzone and ww3, 2 shithouse shooters

  21. ……it's a game still in alpha realase after 4 years !
    What's so unbelived?…the custom weapon whit the silly AI?
    I have bought GB 1 year ago, and it's still there to wait the miracol realize…just in case!

  22. Ok I think this ma answer the question I adk in the other one.

  23. I would like Ai team mates like on RoN to watch my back.

  24. I love this game, I got it because of this video… only problem is performance. It's got a really choppy frame rate even at low settings. I only have a gtx 1070 and an i5 but I thought it could do better than that. Anyone else struggling with performance?

  25. Bruh your watch read 11:01 when my phone read 11:01, and I’m baked. And now I’m trippin

    Edit: the times are synced I was meant to see this

  26. this could be much more fun if they add a bot squad mates which players can choose what specialty he wants to add and the bot skills are level up upgradable with each missions until they become experienced AF and dependable. It will also add to the realistic approach that every time you run through long hallways someone is actively covering your six and when clearing blind spots you can have a 2nd man going to either left or right.

  27. My thoughts after 1 month of playing this it really needs a major update need to add the prone position and body armor and the physics can be jakey when your in cover behind a object

  28. My new addiction because of niko ortizz

  29. When they were making Infiltration mod for UT99 the the bot matches were intense and so fun!

  30. This is probably one of the most realistic and best games i have played but its so unplayable for solo players.
    Its very managable if you have over an hour of time, alot of patience and a team with good comms tho

  31. the UI of loadout is same as the Roblox: Blackhawk Rescue Mission 5, maybe this is the inspiration of BRM5

  32. I just need more games like ground branch like just realistic games with bots i love it because sometimes i just hate multiplayer and in those times most of the games are only multiplayer or with bots that have like -iQ

  33. if someone would be nice and of to educate me on how you purchase ground Branch for xbox1

  34. Is this coming on PlayStation and Xbox?

  35. "…and maybe you don't have the desire/skill for those online games."

    Ehhh, missed it by THAT much, guy. More realism via solo, no BS and no lag/glitches vs online,

  36. I want something like this on console so bad I’m trying to get a PC but it’s taking a while

  37. Oh that’s right, Ken Ham knows how to perfectly interpret scripture. I forgot about that part!

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