Bass Boosted Trap | A Gaming Music Mix | Best Of EDM -

Bass Boosted Trap | A Gaming Music Mix | Best Of EDM

Cloudx Music
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Bass Boosted Trap | A Gaming Music Mix | Best Of EDM

0:00 NEFFEX- Life
2:08 NEFFEX – Failure
7:25 JayKode – Know Better (feat. Mister Blonde)
12:40 AWAY – Sleepwalker (DROELOE Remix) ft. London Thor
16:24 Ghasper – Turtle Ship
20:48 Fabian Mazur – Sun Goes Down
24:04 WiDE AWAKE – Ready
27:22 Meric – Take Off (feat. Paul Rey)
30:55 Twerl & Devault – Lishu
34:20 Jinco & FURY – Far Sight (feat. Holly Jade)
37:55 MYRNE – Lyra
42:40 Take_Five – Tell Me
46:45 Fabian Mazur & Snavs – Arena
50:14 AVE & EFX & Varun – Paint the Sky (feat. LA James)
54:10 Prismo – Stronger
57:42 Felmax – Chapel
1:01:04 Taska Black – Nothing Lasts (ft. Pauline Herr)
64:07 Tokyo Machine – Spooky

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  1. i only wish the mix kept on being like the first few musics

  2. wow the background and i love all those music good luck u get 100M subs fast

  3. I get you're a badass…now put on some bloody protection woman

  4. god i want that mask the very right grenade launcher dude is rocking!

  5. Well, I will be honest that I came here mostly was because of the pic.(Songs are great too, but the pic…..real good XD

  6. Ima comment this so in 10 years when someone replies or likes it I'll get a reminder that this playlist is here

  7. That man on the right looks like hank from madness combat XD

  8. nothing to do the second song with Failure

  9. Roses are red
    Viotlets are blue
    The bass dropped harder than in WW2

  10. I’m back baby 3 years still going strong

  11. I knew this was gonna be a good playlist when I heard one of neffexs as the first song! Anybody else neffex fan?

  12. is the picture from a anime? when yes from wich?

  13. This is in my new Call of Duty music playlist dude it gets me so in the mood to play

  14. If this is copyright, its bad and no one want.

  15. 2:08 Sorry, but THIS SONG IS NOT "NEFFEX FAILURE". Could someone tell me what song it really is? since Cloudx Music had an error …

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