BATTLEFIELD 4 PS5 Gameplay Walkthrough Full Game 4K 60FPS No Commentary -

BATTLEFIELD 4 PS5 Gameplay Walkthrough Full Game 4K 60FPS No Commentary

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BATTLEFIELD 4 PS5 Gameplay Walkthrough Full Game 4K 60FPS No Commentary

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  1. Graphics look real good,but I saw how the enemy takes so many hits & they don't die(fix that) Need to play this game! Player take your time with the enemy.

  2. Great video great game I didn't know they made it for the playstation 5 is it any better than the playstation 4 version 😊👍🎮🤔

  3. 20:05 I'm on PC rn but it should work the same (right?) I've burned those motherfuckers like 20 times and hit them, but i keep dying, anyone know why?

  4. I thought game is begin because so nice view but..its advertised 😅

  5. This game is good. But i hope you be more alert. Sometimes you need to stay low profile. No need to rush everytime see the enemies.

  6. battlefield 6: bad company. That is all

  7. Ps4 5 ps4 xbox one x👎👎👎👎👎PC 💪👍👌

  8. Cara orang ini main game ini,tiada feel langsung.. Pasal senjata yg di gunakan… Tiada feel laaa

  9. I’m sorry but dude you’re trash how do you waist 40 bullets on one enemy?

  10. กรกช กรกชกวิน says:

    เคยเล่นนะ เล่นจนจบอ่ะ
    กว่าจะจบ โหมด อีซี่ ยาก
    แม่ง 4-5 ซม
    เดี๋ยวๆตาย กว่าจะผ่าน

  11. One of the most legendary campaigns of all time

  12. That moment when you realize Recker is in command of the squad but never says a word

  13. Great looking game on PS5.. still haven’t played BF 4 yet

  14. Yes of course i absolutely love in highly cinematic video games to have a goddamn gigantic pop up in the upper right corner ruining each event on screen, and score counter on each and every kill moving and catching my eye's attention, thank you so fucking much to the devs for having such retarded ideas about ergonomics. I swear those ten first minutes drove me nuts.

  15. Watching this player play with a CoD multiplayer playstyle gives me EXTREME anxiety… 😓😫

  16. It’s as shame it never got patched for ps5

  17. Your playing like a child.. Sory if i say that..

  18. I’ve never played this story mode in my life 😂

  19. I dont know about you guys but sending a blackguy for a black ops mission to downtown china is very dumb


    Because people in china usually dont see black people too much

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