BEST First Person Shooters on Nintendo Switch 2020 HUGE UPDATE! -

BEST First Person Shooters on Nintendo Switch 2020 HUGE UPDATE!

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With the release of Crysis just around the corner – what are the best Nintendo Switch first person shooter games and what should you perhaps avoid!? Let’s find out!

Some of the games featured:
Crysis (thumbnail)
Void Bastards
Wolfenstein 1 & 2
And many more!

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Mark and Glen


  1. Nice video 👍🏻 recommend me a local multiplayer arcade style shooter please 😀

  2. Love your videos
    You got a sub and i think i am gonna pick up rico

  3. I need System Shock 1&2, Half Life 1&2, Portal 1&2 among others.
    The switch can definitely handle them

  4. Borderlands 3 would be really nice on switch.

  5. What’s the difference between all versions of borderlands on switch

  6. I loved everything about the call of jaurez game on switch except it felt impossible to win duels on there

  7. I know this video is a bit "old", but I want to thank you for making such a nice video! Once or twice recently I found my self have a videogame-picking crisis, where for some reason I would go between "there are too many games to choose from!" to, "none of these games will be worth it!". But watching this video helps bring to light that it is possible to have fun and enjoy titles that are not critically acclaimed, multi-award-winning titles all the time 🙂

  8. I wish they would do team fortress 2 on here. It would run decent and it would be a fun online game for the switch.

  9. We need Open World Spiderman Games on Switch and Hulk Incredible

  10. I can’t count games that have been out forever that they ported to the switch. I’m personally waiting for 13 remake

  11. In metro the enemies aren’t stupid

    Also me crouching in front of of an enemy because because the light level is “low”

  12. I remember when DOOM was the go to FPS on Nintendo switch

  13. We need a FreeRoam Spiderman Game and Super Man returns port to Nintendo Switch

  14. Put the name of the game in the video part if I skip threw I don’t know what game title you are talking about

  15. Rogue company is a good fun game that’s free it is I’m third person though

  16. I want to add that wolfenstein Youngblood patched edition is a lot of fun and goes on sale often

  17. "There aren't many people ever online on switch."
    To go online on my switch I have to set my PC as a mobile hotspot and bring the switch within a couple of meters of it. So I literally only use it for the eshop and updates. I wonder if you'll be able to use the new OLED dock with an original model switch for the ethernet port.

  18. Can u get remastered golden eye yet on switch

  19. Wolfenstein the new order isnt on switch

  20. I love Warface, but the game sucks nowadays. May I ask which game is similar to Warface with better gaming experience?

  21. Halo 1-4 port would have been a dream come true

  22. I've played Overwatch on every console and PC. Aside from downgraded graphics, the switch version of Overwatch is not bad at all imo. Perhaps the controls are bad since the joycon nubs aren't good for FPS games unless you're fine with motion controls. I use the split pad which makes it easier for me to play. You don't have to worry about the player base since the new implementation of crossplay! I was gonna say you're missing Risk of Rain 2 but that's a 3rd person shooter but it's best shooters on the Switch.

  23. Are nintendo classics like goldeneye and perfect dark not on the switch?

  24. Definitely recommend Ion Fury on the switch. Good game! Very duke nukem.

  25. Any ody remember psi ops? I really miss that game. Not fps but totally it's own type of game.

  26. Imagine COD Modern Warfare 1 and 2 remastered on switch with online support!

  27. I just bought a switch and only played 2 games which is Doom 3 and wolfenstein 2,,,And looking for other games to play similar,,if anyone can recommend me some would be appreciated ,

  28. What's the first game playing as soon as the Video comes on?

  29. Heart bumpin quicker when I see Turok.
    I cant believe years back I couldnt afford PC which could run this game. Now its on some portable tech.
    Same like on smartphone you can play Gamecube games.

  30. We Need Some Tom Clancy's: Splinter Cell. Ghost Recon And Rainbow Six On The Switch, Too!

  31. I had the Vita and sold it and bought the switch and a couple of months not being used because games took way too long to start and sometimes you'd get stuck or lost because maps too small etc, sold it back to gamestop I lost lots of money. Thinking of getting PS5 or 4 and a Gaems Vanguard or something like that. Maybe I'm just used to mobile games, but mobile games are too expensive always paying to upgrade etc.

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