BEST First Person Shooters on Nintendo Switch 2021 HUGE UPDATE! -

BEST First Person Shooters on Nintendo Switch 2021 HUGE UPDATE!

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Welcome to day five of our 12 days of SwitchUp – 12 videos leading up to Christmas Eve and covering a variety of topics relating to all things Switch. With some fantastic First Person Shooters released this year, here is a list of my current 12 best on Switch. Ranked for a bit of fun!

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Games included: –

Intro 0:00
BEst Wild West 0:52
Hail to the King! 1:50
BJ Blaschovitch 2:57
Tunnel Terror 3:59
Best Online Options 4:58
Alternate Online 5:35
BEST Co-Op FPS! 5:58
Awesome RPG FPS 7:05
Under the Sea! 8:33
The King Of FPS 10:07
Incredible On Switch! 11:30
A Surprise Joint 1st! 12:46
Other games? 14:01
Banging Outro Tune! 14:40

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  1. Jurrasic Park operation genesis ps2 let's get that on switch. Class game with cheats.

  2. They should make a game that has u play as the villain or like the undead n chese ur friends n infect them also so they join u

  3. Warface is a pretty good competitive F2P FPS on Switch. I enjoy it alot and is definitely worth a try.

  4. The random Deus Ex screen during the Metro segment just makes me wish Human Revolution would come to Switch already

  5. Hypercharge is fantastic, criminally underrated. I have it both on Switch and on Steam.

  6. Bah, borderlands 1 is a classic . lol but yes bl2 is also a great game

  7. Jesus this is what switch people get? And this is the best? You poor souls

  8. Wish we could get a counter strike source or something. It really would help take the cheating and aimbot out

  9. I have a 400GB sd-card thank you i will have a lot of fun with this games 😃👍

  10. Gyro aiming isn’t as great as you paint it…


  12. Thank you for wasting 50 euro on the Crysis remastered edition. Putting it on no.1 makes me wonder how much money you guys got to actually say that crap.

    This has got to be one of the most overhyped and terrible FPS games I have played in my life. The combat is terrible, as enemies take multiple headshots from time to time to go down, enemies see you from every bloody angle and yet the game isn’t as ‘tough and hard’ as it is said to be. Yes, playing it on Delta and I am already feeling so ripped that I actually believed you to buy this.

    This game is nowhere near Halo CE,2, CoD: MW(2007), Doom, the latest Wolfenstein games or any other decent FPS game.

    Last time I check one of your videos, thanks again for wasting 50 euro on this trilogy trash.

  13. Hoping for goldeneye remaster on the switch.

  14. Rhxfthdtyhyhdtyhghdthndyhstghhstghsttbtgnyynstgnrthndrgdthndrgnsrghs

  15. Bioshock Collection is not just 12 gb, it's more like 45gb total

  16. Elite sniper 5switch version released at the same time

  17. looooooove bl2 on the switch. 2k hours on pc and just love having it on my hand held.

  18. I don't consider Bioshock an fps game either. For me it's a first person action adventure.

  19. They all suck there no good pvp shooters on switch

  20. I don't understand why they don't add Call of Duty W@W, Blackops 1 or 2 on Switch. They were on wii u

  21. That last game was pretty cool might look into buying that one. Bout to replay now to see exactly what the name was

  22. Is there anyway to get dying light in Eu cause its banned there

  23. For me nothings better than SNIPER ELITE 4 AND EVERYTHING ELSE BY THEM AND ZOMBIE ARMY 4 🧟‍♀️🧟‍♂️

  24. Switch up send me a gift card so I get these gems

  25. We NEED “The Orange Box” on the Switch!😩😔
    But, don’t forget “Serious Sam”!! 😃😂

  26. I heard Void Bastards is great but I gotta wait for a sale.

  27. Hey you forgot to mention Serious Sam. It's an epic game and must play for all fps lovers.

  28. hi, one question, from all theses games, which are co-op split screen? thanks!!!

  29. Just would never play an fps on switch. Don’t see the point as hardware ain’t up to it.
    Still the best console ever imo.

  30. I've rewatched so many of these 12 days of SwitchUp videos a lot. I'd love to even see a 7 days of SwitchUp again sometime soon. I know this had to be an awful lot of work. Well it turned out great looking back on it.

  31. Ok Crysis. Bought the physical after completing Wolfenstein 2 after your recommendation. Awesome game. Crysis, however, has so far crashed EIGHT times for no apparent reason. EIGHT. I've never had a game bug out on me like this in 5+ years if owning a switch. Freaking frustrating.

  32. I dont know i still perceive Crysis games being blurry in every video i watch loool but at the same time they seem to be the best fps games on Switch… damn it!!!! Actually the best FPS games on Switch are borderlands games period!!!! XD they look good almostnin any platform haha

  33. Why isn’t fallout 3 or new Vegas on the switch??? Those would kill!!!

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