Best First Person Shooters [Tactical, Chaotic & Fun] -

Best First Person Shooters [Tactical, Chaotic & Fun]

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Get your guns at the ready, as this video is all about the best FPS games to play on PC.

There is no genre more iconic than the first person shooter. The competitive multiplayers dominate online play, and probably most of your weekends, the single-player experiences stick with you for years to come, and the stealth missions are always a challenge we’re up for. Basically we all have an FPS game we absolutely love, but that doesn’t stop us looking for the next best thing. If that’s you, you’re in the right place.

Here is our list of the best FPS games:

Intro 00:00
1 DOOM Eternal 00:43
2 Borderlands 3 01:54
3 Hunt: Showdown 03:00
4 Battlefield V 04:07
5 Superhot 05:03
6 Deep Rock Galactic 05:57
7 Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege 06:57
8 Half-Life: Alyx 07:59
9 Halo: The Master Chief Collection 09:07
10 Valorant 10:18
Outro 11:22

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  1. whats that song called thats playing in the background when she is talking about borderlands 3

  2. Doesn't add tf2 hmmm pretty sure your high tf2 was the start of great fps games

  3. Cool video, i appreciate your digital craftmanship.

  4. bruh putting valorant instead of cs 😂 gg fast lose

  5. Glad you didn’t put Apex legends in here. It promotes mental illness

  6. Doom needs more recognition.

    Oh,and by the way,why did you put Battlefield V?

  7. you put bf5 in here… c'est quoi cette merde?!!

  8. i was like "they better have put doom eternal on here" and boy howdy was i not dissapointed

  9. I liked doom just underwhelming, beat the game in 5 hours then had nothing to do that was entertaining :/ Hunt showdown just keeps rolling out content. Been playing that since beta 😀

  10. Seige is the one of the Unique Fps game u have ever played

  11. glad they added valo, BUT WHERSE LUNAR CLIENT/MINECRAFT

  12. "Valorant has taken all that we love from multiplayer fps games.". Yeah, sure. We all love no sprinting, perma-death, buy systems instead of loadouts, slow-paced gameplay, and most of all, we love sbmm, the system that gives us trash teammates and godlike enemies.

  13. Battle front could be considered a fps since you can play both fps and tps right? or would you consider it a third person?

  14. Sorry honey but none of those games are the best FPS to play on anything

  15. Also, there cannot be more than one BEST of anything really

  16. I kind of love Deep Rock Galactic. I’ve played for hours!

  17. 4:39 “How’s THIS for a headshot sound”
    Me who’s played Battlefield 1: *WW1 LAUGHTER*

  18. in my opinion valorant is absolute trash

  19. Love to see Hunt: Showdown on here. People usually think it’s a zombie game, but a few hours into the game and you realize the zombies are an afterthought compared to fighting other people. Highly underrated PVPVE game

  20. this is a genuine comment do not play r6 the game is so bad right now thats why im here trying to find a new game probably gonna try enlisted again pretty good ww2 fps

  21. lmao HL Alyx is a vr game, so why would you put that in this list.

  22. I personally LOVE to play the game called "Team Fortress 2" it is a fps with cartoonish like characters but it's really fun because every character has its special ability

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