BEST FREE games in 2019 on Xbox One -

BEST FREE games in 2019 on Xbox One

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The best things in life are free. That’s just a statement of fact, right? So let us run down the best free games that are available to you RIGHT NOW on Xbox.

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  1. It brings a true tear to my eyes that apex legends was first then fortnite came second

  2. Do I need xbox live gold to play fortnite with friends? Or play minecraft, forza horizon 3, do i need live gold? I want to buy a xbox one s all digital

  3. Her voice – volume and "tone" down please.. Her sound is insane.. I have to find another video from another source… bye….

  4. Did this bish really say 60 dollars a year is worth it to play online when my family already has to pay for the most expensive Comcast speed because we live in a bad area for signal

  5. i love apex legends and fortnite they are so cool.

  6. Me getting mad because ROBLOX isn’t mentioned.

  7. Crackdown free??? Ohh hell yea I used to love this game back in the day 😂

  8. Warframe is like one of the characters of my hero acidemia wood man

  9. When that dont put brallhalla 😡😡😡😡😡😡

  10. Bruh you need to get xbox game pass to play apex legends and fortnite in Xbox it’s not fair

  11. Wait you can still play games where you can play single player even when your Xbox gold runs out? Like Minecraft.

  12. I could careless about playing with others online.

  13. cough cough paladins copied overwatch cough cough

  14. You can also play real life no need for a video game console or a pc but you can't respawn 🙁

  15. Do you need to buy Xbox live to play these online games or is it just for paid games?

  16. When I try to download crackdown it keeps saying add payment options but I already have one

  17. Dont wory guys just pay 120 dollars to play these games for a year 🤑

  18. Me: This is going to be trash no doubt

    Them: Fortnite

    Me: you have triggered a god

  19. that dude just wants to look at her… every 10 secs he looks at her lol

  20. Most reliable network? Its called the freaken internet and you guys are getting charged to use it! They're free to play on everything else! If google starts charging us to use their search engine its cause of you guys saying its more reliable now. 🙄

  21. Apex LEGENDS "biggest game of 2019 " No sorry no it ain't

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