Best professional paintball game of 2013? Houston Heat vs Ton Tons -

Best professional paintball game of 2013? Houston Heat vs Ton Tons

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Full 30 minute video. Complete game of GI Sportz Houston Heat VS Toulouse TonTons. This game was filmed in Germany. Join the discussion on PbNation:

Millennium Series 2013, European Masters – CPL Finals: Toulouse Tontons vs. GI Houston Heat


  1. Happy to see this legendary match get so much attention from people outside the world of paintball, but some of these comments are straight braindead. Like some dude said “all they do is camp and spam the trigger”

  2. The amount of likes I have is the amount of
    People got shot in the shin bones 😨😫

  3. You haven't gone paintballing if you accidentally had a WHOLE 1V1 match with your teammate 🤣

  4. The commentators are really good like the WWE commentators.

  5. The most useless but hilarious “sport.” So stupid lol

  6. there’s nothing like this the only sport that even comes close is 💫frisbee golf🐸

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  8. Holy hell this reminds me of the first time I met a surfer from California what the f are you guys saying lol old paintballer here I guess

  9. “Kinda looks like he’s wearing a condom on his head” 💀💀🤌🏼

  10. I wish the commentators would explain why there was a penalty in the first place…all they were doing was talking over each other with no explanation on what was being discussed….so theres a penalty because 4 guys was going after 1 guy? Ain't that the point of playing tho…eliminate other team and because the clock was whining down they had to do it quickly

  11. 2:39 “he kinda looks like he wears condom on his head “🤣😂 commentary was great way back then 😂

  12. One of the announcers sound like nick mercs

  13. If GoPro made an investment into paintballing they’d 1. Change the sport 2. Make a huge profit once the sport got the proper recognition

  14. The problen is that with the refs there they all know where everybody is at

  15. If only ton tons weren’t banned from nxl who knows what things would look like nowadays

  16. Why didn’t they play the last 14 seconds

  17. Will always remember my first big game at the end we did a game for fun with only the 2 referees on the site against everybody else we where like 20 against the 2 ,the 2 ref had like fucking god tier expensive gun and absolutely DESTROYED all of us lmao I remember everybody hiding not wanting to let a finger away the big inflated triangle even when you where covered the ball still fell and hit the top of your head even when covered lol 😂 was fun

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  19. i played paintball for the first time. my first paintball hit was a headshot.

  20. Samaj nahi ayi Hindi me upload karo. 😄😄😄😂😂😂😂

  21. Can someone tell me who the people are that lay down and elk around with no gun? Like what’s their role

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