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Hi friends! Today we present you the Top 5 Best Roblox Shooter Games of 2020! What are your favourite roblox games? Let us know and write a comment!

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  1. The clip of phantom forces is from oscar

  2. pf fells more like battle felid to (me)

  3. Finally i can play good games in roblox i subbed 2 u

  4. Bruh did you seriously just call a game that has vietnam in it’s name a ww2 game?

  5. These are cool games but in my phone doesn't play it

  6. Entry Point is by far the best shooter

  7. its…… vietnam war…. not world war 2…….. im 13 and i even understand it more, how can you not… omg……..

  8. Unit 1968 is not about world war it’s about Vietnam if you didn’t know because Vietnam was from like 1960 to like 1980 soo yeah it’s not about world war :/

  9. alone is like eft(Escape From Tarkov)

  10. I wanna play phantom forces but I’m on mobile 🙁

  11. Can I have robux my username is ForTniteamiplay_YT

  12. My head hurts he just said Vietnam is WWII….

  13. arsenal??
    shoot out??
    big paintball??
    boomer royale??

  14. the world war happened from 1939 to 1945 unit 1968 is based off of the Vietnam war lmao

  15. Phantom forces is not like black ops 1 , just because the game has guns dont mean its like call of duty XD

  16. hi,i would like to get some robux btw keep the chanel going.

  17. wait, I though that unit 1968 was based off of the vietnam war

  18. im pretty sure the last one is based of the Vietnam war

  19. Sorry to burst your bubble it is not based after world war 2 its based off the vietnam war. 😀

  20. I would preffer to compare phantom forces with battlefield 4 same maps and guns

  21. My mans Unit 1966 is a Battlefield 5 remake

  22. Roblox username is Ian is so cool with no spaces by the way some of these do not work for Android but I like your channel

  23. dude i want new games not games everyone knows

  24. WOOOOOOOOOW, he is using Oscar's (phantom forces Youtuber) footage. Yikes…

  25. who tf compares a roblox game to call of duty black ops 1? bo1 is an awesome game while roblox is just plastic plastic shooty shooty

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