Best Zombie Games To Play In 2021 [And Beyond] -

Best Zombie Games To Play In 2021 [And Beyond]

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We won’t insult you by going over all the undead killing rules. Let’s aim for the head and look at the best zombie games to play in 2021 and a few extra for your diary.

The stratospheric success of the Walking Dead TV series more than a decade ago reignited the world’s love for shuffling brain eaters. Games were never a stranger to zombies – hello Left 4 Dead – but the intensity of brain busting media has only increased. A bit like ammunition and supplies whenever we reach a safe room we have collected all our favourite games to play right now and even some to look forward to.

So in this video, we’ll be taking you through the best zombie games on PC in 2021:

Intro 00:00
1 Days Gone 00:57
2 World War Z 02:07
3 Resident Evil 3 02:54
4 Zombie Army 4: Dead War 03:48
5 Back 4 Blood 04:44
6 Dying Light 2 05:35
7 Evil Dead: The Game 06:31
Outro 07:27

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  1. 𝕽𝖚𝖘𝖍𝖎𝖐𝖊𝖘𝖍 says:

    This all games can we play offline???

  2. You forgot the last of us, I don't think it was released in 2021 but still deserves to be on that list

  3. What?? Fighting against Hitler??? That's so great!

  4. Laughed at the B4B skit they had, 5 out of around 100 developers that had worked on Left 4 Dead also worked on Back 4 Blood. Hence why the game is unplayable.

  5. Shooting zombies gets boring and repetitive sometimes. Shooting greedy humans and filthy criminals is far more fun

  6. Days Gone is so good. It was beautiful on PS4 and it looks even better on PC and at +60FPS. Well optimized too.

  7. Nice list! Hoping Capcom will release Resident Evil 4 remake!

  8. I like days gone 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  9. Thanks for the list logitech. I just wish i had a better pc so i could join everyone lol

  10. "Where's the witch" was the question I was asking all throughout the Early Access to the Beta. Killing it with 1 shot of a shotgun in L4D gave me such satisfaction.

  11. wonder if plant vs zombie included in zombie category

  12. Days Gone and Resident Evil 3 Remake ARE HORRIBLE.

  13. You play Jill and you get bit = you suck (especially when there is only 1 zombie lol)

  14. Love the voice of narrator <3 very detailed.

    thank you

  15. If you want to play a really good zombie game, I advise you to play No More Room in Hell. One of the best zombie games in general

  16. try out state of decay 2 with mods its even better

  17. none of these have real progression… boring 🙁

  18. totally outdated try something new to bring

  19. I feel insulted that black ops 3 zombies ain't on here

  20. left 4 dead 2 still is still very much alive, highly recommend it

  21. Пирата От Рилските езера says:

    I hope soon to be released Days Gone 2 . Just i can tell you guys its great game Days Gone and its worth every cent .

  22. Days gone was good except for killing children that is just sick and the producers are sick too. Also the girlfriend from Dec is so boring and so idiotic!
    The rest was awesome

  23. Shouldn't you not be able to kill zombies since none of there organs are functioning.

  24. God 5 people from turtle rock studios worked on left 4 dead and none of them where working on huge things. Why dont people say from the creators who brought you the worst co op game that wanted to be left 4 dead killer evolve?

  25. You ppl care too much about graphics…zomboid is a great classic zombies game and it's not on this list.

  26. days gone is the BEST zombie game

  27. So what's the intended result of these games on those who indulge in bloodshed?

  28. to bad not enough players play world war z

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