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Bullseye Blast Shooting Game on The Wheel at Icon Park

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If you see someone with a “gun” on The Wheel at Icon Park, it’s not a real gun. It’s just a guest playing Bullseye Blast! Here’s John Goodman, vice president of Sales and Marketing with Icon Park, to tell you all about it. UPDATE:
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  1. Such a creative, clever idea. All the people that cry gun whatever mass shooting are just dumb… Same kinds of people that think nerf guns are evil. Haters gumna hate no matter what.

  2. Way to encourage shootings!! Game or not. Not a good time to release this.

  3. I'm still just gonna sit at tin roof and get some cocktails.

  4. What a misjudged addition. Mass shooting anyone? 🙄

  5. Incredibly stupid idea. The targets are tiny, and I saw a few on a light post? What the heck.

  6. This is SICK.. training crazy people to kill others… you should be ashamed and that park should be closed down…

  7. This is just lazer tag on a ride…pretty lame really…🙄

  8. Coming from somebody who had a really hard time of getting up and walking around because the height, I think this would have enticed me to at least try a little bit more. I think it's a fantastic idea and I wish I could go back to Orlando to try it.

  9. Not only does it direct your eyes away from the view (which is what the ride was made for) but it’s also basically just practice for sharp shooters. I don’t see this lasting long.

  10. If you have to intro something with 'it's not a real gun', you really shouldn't be putting out a game which could be seen as having one.

  11. The only observation wheel in the world with a game like that is in the U. S….
    Not surprised.

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