Chelsea FC - The shooting game -

Chelsea FC – The shooting game

Chelsea Football Club
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Chelsea TV were at the training ground to witness the shooting game being played.


  1. seems like algorithm has once again brought us all together after the return of Big Rom to the mighty Chels

  2. Who's here in 2021 when Chelsea signed Lubacku🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  3. Recommended after 9 years! Welcome Lukaku

  4. Youtube algorithm is sick ffs. LukWhosBack💙💙COYB

  5. Who’s watching in 2021 in the return of Lukaku

  6. 2021 😏😏😏
    Welcome BACK Romilo Lukako 🥰🥰🥰.

  7. Anyone hear after Chelsea winning the super cup

  8. 9 year later. YouTube recommend this to me 🤩

  9. I got recommended after his press conference

  10. 'If this goes on tv, I burn! The camera' 🤣

  11. who is here in 2021. Rom is back 10 yrs later

  12. Lol rah lukaku is pissed I love his passion!!!

  13. I miss Sturridge . He had a deadly left foot cutting in

  14. Dude, this has been here for 9 good years man smh😂😔

  15. He just made a debut goal against Arsenal 🔵

  16. Who is he here after he scored London derby

  17. Here we are united by youtube's algorithm once again

  18. Now you the old bull. Show these youngsters how it’s done

  19. Sturridge, Lukaku, Salah, Anelka, Drogba – if they were in their prime all at once, that would be damn scary!

  20. Lukaku: I’m going to burn that camera, just liked I burned Arsenal and Pablo Mari

  21. And now lukaku is the experienced player🥶

  22. It is Lukaku's turn to bully young lads into submission

  23. 2:49 (IN FRENCH)

    Kalou: He (the cameraman) is recording your hair.
    Lukaku: yea yea but I’m going in now..

  24. Drogba,anelka,sturidge,kalou and lukaku unbelievable amount of goals

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