Code a Fun Space Shooter Game 🚀 | 1. Move & Shoot | Scratch Tutorial -

Code a Fun Space Shooter Game 🚀 | 1. Move & Shoot | Scratch Tutorial

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How to build a simple, fast paced space shooter in Scratch based on the classic arcade game Asteroids, but with Lemons! In the first of this three part Scratch coding tutorial we cover player movement and the firing of lasers. This will then set us up for the really exciting part two where we can look at enemy Lemons, collisions, and splitting of the lemons. Part 3 will venture into the awesome explosion flashes, screen shake and more!

Wondering why Lemons? Well, Lemons were the first fruit to have achieved interstellar capability and are thus attempting to take over the universe. To tackle such a scenario we obviously need to fight back with rapid fire lemon busting lasers!

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————–Video Chapters————–
0:00 Intro
01:06 The Player Sprite
03:04 Player Movement
07:17 The Laser Sprite
08:35 Laser Code
10:34 Firing the laser
13:09 Triggering lasers the right way
15:25 Outro

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  1. 𝓑𝓮𝓽𝓽𝓮𝓻 𝓬𝓪𝓵𝓵 𝓲𝓷𝓴 says:

    What if your on I pad? I don't have a mouse🫥

  2. Me ok lets go find games to copy code from then NAH GRIFFPATCH lets watch his tutorial!!!

  3. The lasers are coming out right next to the main sprite

  4. When life gives you lemons you squeeze them into life's eyes

  5. I realised you have more subscribers than the Scratch Team! And you have more followers than the ScratchCat account!

  6. Griffpatch you are the grate scratch maker and I like it too.

  7. i made the laser spin in the middle so if you look inside and show the laser sprite its just spinning in the middle xd

  8. Dear Mr. Griffpatch, Whenever I Shoot Out My Laser It Stays In The Tip Of The Ship, It Doesn't Blast Out.

  9. can you make an online undertale game.

  10. Scratch got updated and it broke the lazer shoot codes

  11. Good tutorial! Lemme just add something i think will be useful to others:

    If your player uses some sort of weaponry intead of firing lasers or bullets, one issue that will arise is making the weapon face the correct way. Sure, you COULD just use the same thing as with the player facing, but it comes out a bit janky. So, instead, you can make a variable named "PlayerFacing" and make it so that it's set to whatever direction the player is currently facing by using the "set (variable) to (number/other)" block. After that, simply make the weapon face a direction equal to the "PlayerFacing" variable with the "point in direction (number/other)" block and you're done!

    I hope this actually helped someone and i didn't just waste 10 minutes of my life writing this out.

  12. If your code does not work. Watch the part again because it can help you to find a block your missing or something like that

  13. GREAT TUTORIALS! You make amazing tutorials this is why I use them even though I am just 8 years old!

  14. You definitely deserve 150,000000 subscribers by now!

  15. POV: you're scrolling through to see who counted the lemons correctly.

  16. thanks, i have wanted to make a shooter game with cool sprites and stuff. This tutorial really helped!

  17. tysm, This has helped me alot with scratch!😁

  18. triangle as player is like griffpatch as a coder! Oh wait.

  19. thank you! im making a game for my 7 month anaversery with my boo and i couuldn't figure out how to code the lazer shooting lol thanks for the help dude 🙂

  20. The first game I played on scratch was your Mario game!

  21. Can you make it to where we can use the mobile joystick you made on this

  22. griffpatch i followed the tutorial and the movments are strange

  23. It keeps changing the speeed x,y variable

  24. You said “lemon” 13 times in this episode, (my PAINN)

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