Crybaby Teammates! PERFECT Shooting Game! NBA Live 18 Live Run Gameplay #1 -

Crybaby Teammates! PERFECT Shooting Game! NBA Live 18 Live Run Gameplay #1

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NBA Live 18 Live Run 3v3 Gameplay

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  1. No more randoms cuz they DOOKIE 💯🤙🏽💩

  2. King shawnn really da best out here in 2k and live 🔥🔥🏀💯🤘

  3. Which is the best game EA NBA or NBA 2k

  4. Welcome to live18 people don't know how tu box out or play D playing d in getting rebounds win games I like playing D I'm like where you going specially BLOCKS

  5. can you please add me im a 98 point shooter and pass the ball it be like 7 4 assist and my psn name is gabrielguerrier2

  6. Gosh this video reminds me of playing with the bum randoms on 2k. I can tell your head was hurting watching them.

  7. I always want to no yo build for yo point shooter

  8. I swear I played with the same guy in the middle the other night 😂😂

  9. What’s your player build like height and weight?

  10. Yo add me I have a 98 backcourt defender psn-FINDONLINEID

  11. I hate ball hogging bums like these lil niggas, thought it was just 2k randoms who play like this, shit is ridiculous.

  12. If You need people to run with on nba live 18 and 19 good IQ you could add me or vise versa PSN: Asap_lax1

  13. I have IQ and i Have Great Court vision Add me DjEraserhead.

  14. Well atleast litbluntwitmygum & Dee12big26943 made it through ypur video for being dookys!

  15. If they just put a “PARK” and a Rep system in Live 19 I’m switching to Live Bc 2k Trash

  16. Why I thought this was HaHa Davis 😂😂😂

  17. They won’t let me turn on post notifications FUCK! 😫

  18. I legit didnt know live had all this to offer, after the way ive been feeling about 2k lately ill give it a try

  19. Add me SavageeDa2kGOD23 that’s for Xbox Live players and btw I’m a 98 overall

  20. One question .. in nba 18 the server still working? I mean there are people playing now?

  21. 7 billion people on earth. 6.9 billion play like that first squad. Kills online play, every single time. That struggle 😖

  22. That's why I don't play with randoms nomo

  23. Imagine how sad you would be if you were a subscriber and he dissing you like this😂😭

  24. Those people need IQ man I hate people like that

  25. Good job making a slasher and upgrade it to flashy dunks and put. I on your point shooter no hate tho

  26. Good job making a slasher and put his dunks on the point shooter

  27. Yo does anybody still play this game?? Like actually reply if you play this

  28. Exactly Same Here My Teammate Just Goes Up And Bricks

  29. I feel your pain bro! All they are showing is how extremely low their bball IQ is!!!!! Hmu and we will destroy these crumbs real talk!!! I rock with live 18 & 19 your call my G.

  30. for me i average just about 10-11 assists a game

  31. guys i wrote this because i care about you guys and please don’t ignore this message. I just wanted to tell you guys the best way i can Jesus loves you guys unconditionally and i’m very serious about this he loves you a lot . you might not really like this but i really want y’all to know because Jesus loves you for example isaiah 43:2 “When you pass through the waters, i will be with you” He will be with you every single step of your life, through the day, when you get tired, mad, sad, frustrated he knows about it i know you guys heard this already but Jesus died on the cross for your sins which meant to me that every time you cuss,lie, or steal he died just for that. you can repent and turn from it and live with christ He is the way the truth the life you can either accept him or not if not your in a very bad path and sometimes we fall in a temptation with sin and it’s ok God will still love you he does not love the sin at all but still loves you (if that made sense) anyways have a blessed day!✝️🙏🏾

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