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Dinosaur Hunter Survival: Free Gun Shooting Games Android Trailer

Dinosaur Games
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Dinosaur Hunter Survival: Free Gun Shooting Games
In the world of dinosaur hunting gamers, you can hunt or kill dangerous animals like dinosaurs of your own choice in safari mountains with different deadly assault rifles.
Thousand years ago dinosaur hunting or shooting was a major problem in human history but now in this killing games, you can become a big hunter of hunting times in first person shooter perspective. In the history of dinosaur shooting or hunting games: Effective shadows, hi-res textures, and lifelike models all consolidate to make this one of the usual and elegant dinosaur shooter or shooting or hunting games on your mobile device which stands as best games 2017 / 2018!
In the game, experience the thrill of being an animal hunter like real Dinosaur Hunter (dh) in the mountain & African desert. Unless Deer Hunting games, Dinosaur hunting is real thrill and fun for Carnivore hunting gamers. Dinosaurs (dinos) had ruled the land in the prehistoric safari mountains period thousand years before.
Nowadays dinosaur of old ages have been finished completely for the world but their most of the people have craze to see them to hunt them so for the purpose of an adventure of people we have developed this dinosaur hunter game with best assault rifles to shoot the dino perfectly.

There are five assault weapons for dino assassin adventure in mountains and desert safari Africa for best gun games free. Dino hunting apps that we developed in this game primarily targeted to give a high-quality dinosaur hunting game to the animal hunting users.

Dinosaurs were very big creation thousand years before. There were different dinosaurs some of them were deadly killers of other dinosaurs (dino) and some of them were flying dinosaurs.
For better shooting thrill we have added different types of assault weapons includes a pistol, revolver, machine gun, shotgun, and assault rifle and all of them are free for a full and real adventure of dinosaur shooting.
Dinosaur hunting is done with five types of assault rifles in beautiful safari mountain world with green plants and real Africa desert. Feel Real dinosaur hunter in this free dinosaurs game if you are crazy about challenging dinosaur hunting games.
If you are a real hunter and like dinosaur hunting games then it is best hunting game for you to show your hunting or shooting skills free in two beautiful environments
1- Mountains & Africa Safari Desert.

There are different dinosaurs noises or sounds in this game to make you feel real mountains dinosaur hunting.
There are many types of dinosaurs for hunting.
5-Tyrannosaurus rex (t-rex) and more.

Keep in the mind that dinosaurs are deadly dangerous and can attack you without any warnings – have to shoot them as soon as possible (Hunt or be Hunted).
If you try to shoot them with on bullet they will not be killed so you have to shoot them at least 3 bullets.
if you are a real hunter they go in the mountains safari or Africa desert picks assault rifle of your choice and starts hunting.

• An actual thrill of dino chases and deadly dino attack and shooting.
• Amazing graphics and prehistoric safari mountains and Africa desert.
• Best Shooting Games for free.
• Hunter X Hunter Challenges for best kill shot bravo experience.
• Many thrilling levels with a different number of dinosaurs shooting.
• Awesome gameplay with attacking animations and deadly sounds.
• Choose Dinosaur of your choice for hunting or shooting.
• Seven Assault Weapons and all of them are free for full shooting adventure.
• Easy and Smooth First person shooter controller in this dinosaur games.
• Authentic hunter games.

Remember you’re not an animal hunter, or deer hunter, or zombie hunter – you are a legendary monster hunter from “Dinosaur Hunter Survival: Free Gun Shooting Games” – an ultimate battle with the dinosaur.


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