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“Every Mobile FPS Game Ranked from Worst to Best – Every Game Ranked from Worst to Best (Every Android Game) Every Shooting Game – Ranking Every Game (Every FPS Game) Best FPS Game for Android/Best FPS Games 2022 (Best Mobile FPS Game) Shooting Games for Android Like Call of Duty”


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Call of Duty Mobile: Top Things You Didn’t Know!

Hey everybody! I hope you’re all having a great day! Welcome back to another mobile gaming video, and in this video, I’ve compiled a list of EVERY mobile FPS and TPS game I have EVER played…and I ranked them from worst to best on a tier list! Is COD Mobile better than Battle Prime? Is PUBG New State better than PUBG Mobile? How good was Area F2, or even Fortnite Mobile actually? You’ll find out my opinion in today’s video from a mobile gaming veteran! 😀

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  1. Top3 mobile games in my opinion 3:mech arena 2:pixel gun 3D 1:War robots 🤖

  2. mid fire
    I don't give a f**k on how many players played it 1 billion "players" downloaded it but not actual people who actually play it

  3. I'm a huge cod mobile fan.
    I am excited for apex mobile

  4. i'll place bgmi on S🙂. I'd also place infinity ops on C.

  5. Need a game where my friend and me can hunt animals and build shelter together.

  6. Kinda offended me when you placed Modern Combat Versus in the D Tier rating. It does have some "pay 2 win" aspects, where they make agents pretty hard to get, so they sell them in bundles which cost irl money. But the overall gameplay is fairly balanced, sometimes pressured teammates to help eachother out (strategising), and has a great community, or HAD one until it died out.

    It's seen much better days back in 2017-2021. It recently died out last year because the devs completely gave up on it completely.

  7. Top 3 for me will be like this:Apex Legends mobile when it's going to relase,Fortnite and Cod Mobile

  8. Wth, I completely disagree… Freefire S tier??Really? Nice joke. Modern Combat games are so low,even though they influenced mobile gaming. Where's N.O.V.A? Why madfinger games are at the same level as guns of boom? Why pixelfield is THAT low? I know the game is abandoned but..still an amazing game. This is utterly paid fake ranking just to please every game that has more community.

  9. Cod zombies t D, he put that there because he doesn’t like zombies and doesn’t like the main series cod games, he just liked codm. The game came out in 2012 give it some respect as it’s an old game and the graphics may be low but it’s got 3 round based maps and dead ops arcade. But I guess opinions are opinions.

  10. The only thing that codm can replace with is call of duty warzone(but on mobile)

  11. Glad to see Lost Light get some love. Very underrated extraction game.

  12. Well I like more 1st person games because if I believe in myself I will make a 1st person game with high graphics also with good gameplay and I will release the game in 2031

  13. Try farlight 84. That new game got some frickin stuff.
    I recommend u to make a vedio on it please.

  14. Both forgotten games Area 51 and The origin Mission will always be in my heart

  15. Call of duty mobile is good but pubg mobile is better

  16. My very first mobile fps game was N.O.V.A 3 freedom edition. I havent finished the campaign but the multiplayer was hella fun.

  17. i like this hope it helps me to upcoming ww3

    f for undecidead

  18. Theres another CSGO like mobile fps game called Critical Strike (idrk if this is in the list) but it doesnt stray from making it seem like csgo.

  19. Exxotik i recommend you to play modern combat 3 it's really nice you should try.

  20. Yo bro should add apexM as well mate it's not out yet but still it can be there …. 👀👀

  21. I like shooting games like call of duty mobile
    And modern ops

  22. My top 3 fps games:
    1. Kuboom (you should try this out)
    2. COD mobile
    3. Pubg mobile

  23. Putting COD in the top just a proof that your recoil control sucks in PUBGm🤣

  24. Pubgm ..is most difficult one ..
    And best one

  25. I love Call of duty mobile & battle prime

  26. Top 3 games
    Moba(Mobile Legend Wild rift)
    Shooting game(Free Fire Pubg new state)
    Fps game(hyper front )
    And genshin impact and honkai impact

  27. If they make Virtual Cop mobile it will be No. 1 forever ☺️

  28. The only game that deserves n1 is CRITICAL OPS.
    its there for 6 years no pay to win bullshits and ranked is very hard and conpetitive

  29. Well my fav mobile games are
    1 gta san andreas mobile
    2 gta 3 mobile
    3 super rpg land

  30. I got offended when you said shadowgun legends deserves C tier and it just shows that you never tried the game and say it's just nova legacy which I disagree aloooot but yea I guess it's your opinion

  31. yeah codm is 3 years ago or 4 Year's ago

  32. Hey bro I am just confused like Free fire Garbage You put it on S Tier. That micro transection Is messed up. Pay to win game. That's the reason Children are stealing money from their parents credit card & if they refuse they suicide. That's why India banned FF

  33. How you put FF7FS on C bruh 💀 that game has a prospect to be one of the best br games on mobile, you need to fix that rank list, they are really bad graphics games that you have on the top bro

  34. I love fighting games ( KOF2012'A", street fighters 4, Skull girls, Shadow fighting arena, injustice 2, Mortal Combat)

  35. I love fighting games ( KOF2012'A", street fighters 4, Skull girls, Shadow fighting arena, injustice 2, Mortal Combat)

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