FALLUJAH 100 PLAYER REALISTIC WARFARE! - SQUAD 50 vs 50 PVP Gameplay - grsgames.com


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  1. almost 2 years later and still my favorite game.

  2. “I think they’re in the Moske” firing there is a war crime. Yayyyy

  3. Can some give me a realistic ETA as it pertains to how long it would take you to grasp the movements and radio comms chatter?

  4. Okay okay, I saw a little parkour hopping from building to building

  5. Showed my uncle this and I almost forgot that he was a refugee in the Marawi siege so I didn't showed him that was a close one :DD

  6. You know you have made it as a YouTuber and a famous gamer when people ask other people if “ is that the real ____?”

  7. I have been playing this game for a month now. Love it. This and hell let loose are awesome.

  8. Best ever seen when bombing location 😂😍

  9. shit game dont buy this people! sound have problem! the trening part is for ever! is not fnish!

  10. This map and game is too laggy for me arma runs better for me lol especially this map damn

  11. If that gameplay included realistic damage.. like when blasting concrete floor and walls.. destroying building when it bombarded bullet wholes.. that would be amazing and 99.9% of wargame player will buying this game.. no matter what it takes.. like arma 3 even if its not good as this in terms of animation and grphics.. but it has some buildings that can destroyed by defending on what type of bomb its using

  12. Is it possible to kill civilians, inc. children? If not, the game is not realistic enough for me.

  13. Uhh Osama Bin Laden's compound it was actually in Pakistan not Fallujah…..

  14. Is this the same operator drewski, Matt from demolition ranch talks about?

  15. This guy: "Wow this is so cool the building design is awesome!"
    Veterans who experienced the literal worst day of their life at fallujah: "…"

  16. I just searched they killed bin laden in pakistan

  17. I luv that they added murder holes to the buildings it adds more crazyness to the gun play!

  18. Looks great, never played it, does it have the feel of PR?

  19. FALLUJAH aa yes a place currently known as one of the most radiated cities on earth crafted by the hands of the US in 2003. They added expired uranium material to the tank shells on the city to dispose of it. Now this is currently one of the worlds most radiated cities.!

  20. Black hawk down wasn't Pakistan its was Mogadishu Somalia

  21. Closest thing to this I have on console is probably Hell Let Loose of Insurgency Sandstorm. Just wish IS had bigger scale warfare for online

  22. Bin Laden was killed in Pakistan..lol get your facts correct atleast.

  23. There are no objects inside the houses thats the only thing that misses

  24. As much as I like this game I really don't wanna see another desert map.

    Hopefully the with the onset of the Ukrainian front some urban, suburban, and forest guerilla warfare maps pops out.

  25. Pcat is the best but he can't get a following. Must be his gruff demeanor.

  26. I'll buy the game next month
    Looks a lot like battlefield 2…..thats exactly what I'm looking for

  27. Imagine a taliban soldier saying that same shit loool

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