FIRST LOOK CrossfireX | Brand New Shooter Coming In 2020 To Xbox One -

FIRST LOOK CrossfireX | Brand New Shooter Coming In 2020 To Xbox One

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Take a look at the brand new CrossfireX coming to Xbox One in 2020. Could it be the best shooter of 2020? Let us know!

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  1. Did he say it will have a BR mode??? Did I hear that correctly

  2. Looks like another already crowded FPS multiplayer game.wish these companies would make more games than same ole stuff…how about a flight sim( ace combat does not count)or FP rpg game( not a fan of 3rd person) of at least selectable to 1st or 3rd…something other than another damn First person shooter

  3. I literally saw no one aim just hip fire 😂

  4. Finally Xbox are giving something good away for free this is better than every game with gold this year combined

  5. Free to play?! Getting ready my savings for micro transactions.

  6. Yooo I played 8 Years CF EU and West this map is Black Widow im Hyped GJ Smilegate very good news

  7. So a seemingly AAA game that has a story and a PvP mode all for free? Looks cool, but it doesn't look better than the new COD, it's going to have to be way funny to make up for the slight difference in visuals, but I'll give it a try.

  8. I got a dumb question… The one month gold is one dollar now. Does that mean if I buy that deal 12 times do I get a year?

  9. How generic… I'm an Xbox fan, bought One and One X on launch day, but I've just bought a PS4 Pro for VR and the killer exclusives. Come on Microsoft, you need to sort this out.

  10. Bruh idk how PS is still around there getting murdered by Xbox rn

  11. Strong carbon footprint for an 8-min video…

  12. MW has been a disappointment so I'll give this a try

  13. for those dweebs who says this is cs go copy cat or cs go is better what so ever fyi,

    CS GO Total Lifetime Gross is no where near Crossfire life time Gross which is 10 Billion Dollars. That's why Microsoft bought the licence and made crossfire X

  14. Benny central you have the Best Job ever How cool

  15. Footage of first person shooting utilizing basically hip fire instead of aim down sights? Yawn.

  16. I would have liked more info about the game this is far too reminiscent of a food network special

  17. He said(Nico) "If you like battle royal games like I do, we got one of those" This could be sick if it's done right!

  18. These fuckers straight up copied counter strike 1.6. Hopefully the new Crossfire will be good.

  19. Disliked this 7 minute conversation with a gameplay trailer at the end. I don't care how they captured this and that, I care about the gameplay.

  20. Bro it’s already 2021 and the game is not in the stores yet???

  21. Never even heard of this game lol did it turn out to be pretty good?

  22. "I just got destroyed"
    In the previous clip he doesn't move his fingers, clearly showing that he's not playing.


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