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free is free

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  1. People who came from a other different vid

  2. Bro kidnapped a whole ass female to make a short

  3. Bro LMAO 🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

  4. Theoretically, the napkins, soap, straws, etc are 100% free no matter how much you take and (I think) legally speaking there is no legal right for restuarants to kick a customer out for taking too much unless they have a specific sign that puts a limit on how much you can take.

    However, in the example the lady in this video gave "what if everyone took hundreds of napkins and etc" the company would take notice quickly and add either a sign that limits the amount you take or add a price very soon after.

  5. Lol this video reminded me of the time i went to a resturant and I used to get like pancakes every day there and one day when I took some nappkins, i took a little bit more then i used to and the resturant owner noticed me, and told me that I couldn’t take that many nappkins… I never went there ever again🤩

  6. I hate you. I love that guy, but you decided to make this sort where the squad team murder him.

  7. I didn’t know this was Cottontail as the girl in this clip for the longest time.

  8. My brother is watching the video. He’s preparing torture tools after watching the video😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  9. Aight hold up, what's the model of the napkin lady woth pink hair, I've never seen it, and now I'm curious something on my mind makes me feel i know it but I don't know if I'm tripping balls.

  10. Idk If that Soap is you’ve been’s brown. Be careful.😭💀

  11. Damnit wheres the golden spoon when you need it

  12. I want my nintendo switch, my macbook pro 2012, my acer inspire touch, my hp printer and my job back.

  13. Bro probably has brain damage from the crowbar

  14. She just doesn't like the word free😂🖐🏿

  15. 911 what’s your emergency my soap is not soaping

  16. Bruh the screen on his chest is killing me😂😂

  17. 911:911 Whats your emergency
    Me:The girl aint freeing me

  18. Someone count how many vids under this sound are the same stupid “sAtIsFyInG” shit with emojis

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