Freedom Strike #1 FPS Shooting Games Call Of Liberty Early Access Android GamePlay -

Freedom Strike #1 FPS Shooting Games Call Of Liberty Early Access Android GamePlay

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✅About This Game

Cuptie Fun Games presents Freedom Strike FPS shooting games to enjoy the thrill of gun shooting enemies for new counter strike in commando war games.

Army Battle: 3D Shooting Games Storyline:
Freedom Strike secret mission games story based on patriotic gang war who decided to fight with enemy armed forces to rescue their country. Enemy army commandos attacked their country. Rescue your country, fight with enemy terrorist squads survival games and save country fellows with fps gun shooting in secret mission games.
Knock out your enemy army commandos from the country! Gather gangster fellows in underground sugar bars and make new strategy war games plans to get rid of brutal army commando mission games from your homeland. Fulfil the duty to kill enemy hordes in real combat games and save innocent civilians with FPS shooting games.

Commando Strike: Battle Games Chase the Enemy:
Get into the empire and kill enemy forces general who are the mastermind of terrorist forces in gun fighting games. Chase enemy army commando mission games escaping through choppers and aim with precision in sniper gun games to eliminate. Kill all the gun shooting enemies coming on your way to reach him in FPS mission games.
Your friend needs help and enemy terrorist squads continuously attacking in new counter strike as real combat games. Enemy army commandos are all around battlefield, get the new machine gun and put an end to strategy war games by killing them all in Freedom Strike Shooting Games.
Civilians are afraid of the enemy terrorist squads in the battle streets and annoying innocent people of the country. Make strategic plans to kill gun shooting enemies in sniper gun games and shoot them all with help of your gangster games fellows of offline war games.

Gun Strike Shooting Games 3D Missions:
Different strategy war games and fps mission games are waiting for you to save the nation and show your patriotism in survival games. Set the goal to kill army games trained enemy army commando mission games, make strategies to reach and shoot them all with FPS mission games.
An enemy forces general is trying to escape for real combat games. Chase to kill him before he runs away in commando war games. Choose different paths to reach sugar bars for strategy war games meetings so that enemy hordes couldn’t catch you. Take effective steps to manage the situation in a new counter strike and fulfil your duty to save your friends and country fellows in fps shooting games.

Gun Shooting Games 3D Offline Inventory & environment:
Realistic games 3D battleground environment with amazing graphics are offered in free secret mission games to make you a great fighter in FPS shooting games. Explore amazing battle games arenas and make your spare time full of excitement with real combat games.
Destructive weapons like deadly guns, grenades and pistols are offered survival games to fight against terrorist squads wandering here and there in the countryside. All the tools & utilities are provided to make you a real gangster of army commando mission games.

Freedom Warrior: Action Games Features:
– Different secret mission games of enemy terrorists squads
– Realistic 3D battleground environment and amazing graphics
– Free and offline war games
– Play Lethal guns, grenades and pistols
– Thrilling sounds for FPS shooting games experience
– Offline games to play for free FPS mission games

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