Ginger Wick with a hellcat pro! #johnwick #edc #tacticalshooting #shootinggames -

Ginger Wick with a hellcat pro! #johnwick #edc #tacticalshooting #shootinggames

Triggered Easily
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  1. People love to talk trash here when all their experience comes from Call of Duty 💀 Keep it up!

  2. The bent knee is hilarious. Why does he even stand that way in the first place?

  3. He has no business having a firearm in hisnhands

  4. This shit has to be a joke. Not one person in the videos knows how to hold a gun. I guess i am triggered lol

  5. He’s fumbling the gun, has trouble racking it, and does not use his left hand to stabilize his gun. Even a noob could learn from watching a video. He’s dangerous and untrained.

  6. Take the gun away my gf can do better what have these men come to

  7. Damnn why do you guys gotta hate so much. He’s not even pointing it at anyone, y’all most of these outdoor ranges don’t even have rules like that as it is. Let the man learn. You can’t just take it from him because he’s not shooting the correct way, how will he learn?

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