Gun games: New shootout sport combines real guns and MMA fighting -

Gun games: New shootout sport combines real guns and MMA fighting

FOX 11 Los Angeles
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Imagine a new sport where gun fighting slams into mixed martial arts. Fighters and opponents shoot at each other, and when all the ammo is gone, there can be some real fighting.


  1. No knife fighting lol. Lame. I like this idea, but the hand on hand seems dumb. Plus I'm used to shooting with a can on now.

  2. Id like to open a place like this, except outdoors, on say… 10 acres. With rifles and pistols. 5v5 or 10v10 probably for 10 acres. And of course referees, strict no hand to hand, and copious amounts of cameras and a bitchin wall around the whole thing. Then it would be awesome.

  3. America is the greatest fucking country on earth. Minus liberals.

  4. He's gonna make a ton of cash as it is but All he's gotta do is make a Nuke Town and it's a done deal.

  5. Yeah its simunition but its really just glorified airsoft

  6. I was going to buy some of these but the company said they would only sale to cops and army

  7. Just made me realise, I've been spending years training with my firearms but not for hand-to-hand combat. Thanks Fox. 👍🏻

  8. I'd pay a lot of money to watch something like this on a bigger scale, most guys I know (including myself) would prefer to watch this as a national sport rather than something like football or basketball.

  9. Simunition does not have long enough range to get onto anything but CQB scenarios

  10. So Basically you just keep shooting until your out of ammo getting hit doesn't do anything and when your out you get throw hands? 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 What a fucking joke

  11. we trained with these years ago in the USARMY

  12. How did they get their hands on simunition? They won't sell it to just anyone

  13. Yall keep this under tight watch and this is going to grow if it hasn't already. Yes. Thanks good job keep the honoring of life and get some combat in. The higher realms will keep opening and merging with 3d earth.

    ALSO. SUPER IMPORTANT KEY HERE. And that is to keep good sportsmanship so as to elevate each other.


  14. It’s fucking dope but it’s not real. Like look some of these fools running straight into fire yano in real life if those bullets were brass your hiding your ass that’s a fact. It’s literally paintball! With mma!

  15. My idea for a league:

    Western Division:
    -Houston Generals
    -LA Action
    -Las Vegas Dealers
    -Phoenix Heat
    -Dallas Banditos
    -Seattle Shoguns

    Eastern Division:
    -NY/NJ Mafia
    -Miami Tracers
    -Boston Brawlers
    -Philadelphia Fighters
    -Chicago Enforcers
    -Carolina Hunters

  16. The good thing is used differently it could carry over the real world life saving skills, the bad thing is this foolishness will ingrain bad habits that will get you shot thinking you know something you don't.

  17. Legalized Civil War training. Get your in while you can🤔

  18. Its all fun and games u til someone cries

  19. I believe the sport has alot of potential but that the arenas should be bigger and that there should be a point system for when getting hit by the ammunition. Also for the martial arts it should be that you pin the player in order to get them out or have a point system

  20. Now this… is fucking bad ass.
    Wanna bring out some damn anger? I think this is how shit should go down. Now, I think the area could be bigger, but it is still sick!

  21. Dude you can come here and settle beef with people

  22. They should have bigger arenas and do, rifles and pistols together, I would love to see it as a televised competition

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