Gunner fps shooter -multiplayer 3d fps team shooting games _android gameplay -

Gunner fps shooter -multiplayer 3d fps team shooting games _android gameplay

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Destroy the enemy, complete the mission, get the reward, become shooter

FPS fans, you have been waiting for the moment finally arrived, this is a designed for FPS game enthusiasts design game. This game has incredible graphics and effects. It makes you feel not only playing games, but participated in a real battle.

This great FPS game is very interesting and challenging. Ready to kill dozens of enemies to complete all the missions. Earn rewards, unlock new guns You must be in the guarantee of their own safety at the same time, destroy all the enemies. When you destroy all enemies, you will enter the next mission. Complete all the missions, save the innocent people, become a hero on the battlefield.

In the remote areas found the enemy base camp. You as a special force of the elite, you are given the mission is to clear the enemy in a limited time base. You must sneak into the base of the enemy, destroy all enemies, and destroy the enemy’s camp. This mission is very difficult and you have to be careful to face. Sneak into the enemy’s inside, destroy the enemies near you, and then find the right place to gradually destroy all enemies. Note that your gunshots will attract the enemy, so speed up your pace, with the fastest speed to destroy all the enemies.

This game has a powerful arsenal, which has a variety of powerful weapons. But these need you to complete the mission after the reward to unlock. So do not hesitate to join the game. Destroy the enemy, complete the mission, get reward, unlock your long-awaited powerful weapons.

As the elite troops commando, the best shooter. You hone your skills on the battlefield and get rewarded. Use your powerful shooting skills to conquer all your goals.

Gunner FPS Shooter Features:
– FPS shooting game
– Real 3D environment
– shocking music and sound effects
– Simple and smooth operation
– Smart AI
– a variety of powerful weapons for your choice
– real shooting effect
– addictive game
– play anytime, anywhere, ease the day of fatigue
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