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High on Life: 25 Minutes of Gameplay | gamescom 2022

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Get a look at 25 minutes of murderous goo, sad aliens, and a lot of filthy language, as we dive into one of High on Life’s early missions.


  1. Bro! it's Amazing You solved my problem! Thanks!!!

  2. It's wouldn't surprise me if one of the voice actors in this game is Bill Burr. This game looks gorgeous and hilarious though.

  3. Does anybody else hear Marty's voice or is it just me?

  4. its just meh everyone talks way to much it kills the atmosphere

  5. jesus not eveything has to be rick and morty. like come up with some different voices. or find other voice actors. and maybe some new jokes, rather than recycled rick and morty ones.

  6. This looks incredible, can't wait to play it.

  7. Looks great! But that chick's voice is insufferable. No offense

  8. It’s like a Rare game with a Rick & Morty vibe to it.

  9. The game has a decent level of funny background jokes. But the game itself just looks boring as hell.

  10. If this is able to be bought on Nintendo switch I'm definitely buying it

  11. This game looks great!!! Can’t wait to play this

  12. Hearing Zach threw me off so much, I’m stoked to hear his voice in a game

  13. Finally a game that isn't a woke pile of garbage ppl are hating on it becuse they are offended chumps

  14. Serious Rick and Morty vibes. Odd World vibes too

  15. That knife is giving off ironic kano vibes.

  16. This looks amazing, and it seems like it’s gonna be well-written, which the industry desperately needs

  17. Im so happy game developers like this exist not coping every game that is popular just doing that what they want ❤❤❤

  18. Game tells you to juggle enemies and the IGN journo totally ignores the option, yet takes all conversation options to spoil it.

  19. It's definitely going to feel like I'm in the rick and Morty universe, while playing this.

  20. The fact that they didn’t call gatorall gatorade make me mad

  21. Imagine a jet force gemini game with these graphics!

  22. Justin Roiland, Zach Hadel, and MICHAEL CUSACK voice acting? LOVIN IT!

  23. Is it me or does the gun sound like morty from Rick and morty

  24. anyone else think it just looks annoying.

    the VO will get old QUICK.

  25. YouTube would never let me name a video this. It would claim the standard version is processing until the end of time.

  26. Yo this game goes on bro guns that talk the voice actors how the hell did it get the guy that played Morty Smith in Rick and Morty

  27. Why does the gun talk like morty from rick and morty

  28. the aesthetics and music are phenomenal.

  29. Looks really cool. The jokes had me laughing quite a feeling times.

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