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Home Invasion Officer Involved Shooting – Ready or Not Immersive Gameplay

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  1. I know this is probably hard to do but I wish they could implement more varied situations. Domestic disturbances; welfare checks, negotiations, hostage situations, K-9 Units, searching for drugs/weapons, etc. This game is cool but the same situation gets dull eventually and isn’t all that realistic. Especially when there’s like 30 “burglars” for one house.

  2. 0:24 – First 3 shots rubber bullets because he brushed that off like a tickle?

  3. Dude when I saw the body of the victims I feel so bad. So I think that this is just a game to make myself better, then I remember that there are far worst than this in real life like the Port Arthur Massacre. Now I feel worst.

  4. that’s craziest part is that he actually sounds like a real cop

  5. How did you get Real Police Yells to work on 1.0?

  6. Are you using a mod that mutes the surrender voice command? The regular version of the game has a few stock lines when you ask suspects to surrender but I don't hear any here as you use the mic to ad lib your own lines. I get the impression your own voice is for a more immersive experience and for the viewers entertainment. The enemy AI wouldn't be able to recognise that obviously so I assume you are still pressing the surrender command button but the stock lines are being muted so you can be heard.

  7. You dont need a clear mic, The body cam audios are usually so scuffy good gameplay

  8. Love watching the gameplay. Not a fan of cursing at the suspects though. I was taught to be polite to everyone, even when I'm shooting them.

  9. "Don't move don't be reaching for nothng" he says to a dead guy who he shot like 4 fucking times

  10. Did they hire a woman just to do the dispatcher voice?

  11. 1:42 wow would they really try hiding beside the bed like that? If so that’s some awesome ai I’d like to see in these games

  12. question how do I get the hands without gloves I have installed every mod u listed and I still cant

  13. Stop screwing with your light.
    Great video. 👍

  14. imagine AI characters would hide behind corners and doors and pounce with a knife… lol its becoming a horror game

  15. what mod is it that u speak to the dispatch urself? and the voicelines

  16. quick question, have you ever been an actual officer

  17. Am I the only one who thinks graphics aren’t that great ?

  18. “Police let yourself be known do it now” as they’re literally shooting at you 😂

  19. Keep up the good work! Feels totally real and its quite enjoyable. Subbed!

  20. audio could have been better if it were recorded outside with like a phone or something

  21. Why are you telling the dead bodies not to move?

  22. The voice over during game play is awesome keep it up i watch these vids all the time very entertaining

  23. how do you do this type of mod and gameplay

  24. game stupid to me one cop goes in with five cop cars outside whole point for the game was to play with SWAT

  25. A roleplay video of this game hits way different I LOVE it 🎉🎉🎉

  26. you forgot the part where the audio takes 2 minutes to appear

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