How Steph Curry Works On His Shot & Game! Exclusive Look On How The Best Shooter EVER Trains! -

How Steph Curry Works On His Shot & Game! Exclusive Look On How The Best Shooter EVER Trains!

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Steph Curry showing us how he works out and how he’s perfected his shot over the years. Hope you learned something new from Steph today! This is from Steph’s #SC30SelectCamp put on by Under Armour.
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  1. The tightfisted authority molecularly knot because south korea unfortunatly help during a glistening glorious grill. wacky, disastrous dinghy

  2. This stef curri is a good teacher. He should consider going pro

  3. kobe and reggie miller are better at shooting than curry I don't care stats or such stuff I can put him on 3rd or top 5 list of mine

  4. curry is a fucking hero one of the best shooter ever watching his training videos is nice

  5. Nico mansion now playing with Steph curry 😂😂😂

  6. Alot of respect for pros but Steph is one of the goated …. You cant see me but i just bowed to my monitor

  7. Nice video! I can practice his move in South Korea

  8. I wanna join lol That blue top white shirt sweat Under Armour fit is tough I want

  9. A few of these guys in the nba now i see anfernee simons

  10. Curry is so humble man glad to see a superstar like him down to earth to this level

  11. So basically repetition is the key to perfection! Interesting 🤔🤔

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  13. In a shooting slump right now, nice to know even the greatest shooter in history misses some every now and then… even though it’s very rare tho😂

  14. Steph is bad he can’t even make 106 threes in a row

  15. But All Kids Can Not Do What CURRY Does, They Must Know How Shape There OWN GAME.

  16. U Still CAN BE A Good Player Without Being CURRY, PlAY Your OWN GAME🏀🏀🏀🏀

  17. Stephs out here teaching 7'10 people to be clean with half court shots

  18. its more suprising when he misses than when he makes it lmao

  19. I can do this all day… but with layups… on 2k. It's so easy.

  20. Anfernee Simon's was kn there too was this before he came into the league

  21. Yo jus realized anfernee simons was running 2s with steph

  22. Tell me why that chair has better defense than James Harden 🤣🤣🤣

  23. He legit did the same thing every step in the shooting drill that shows consistency

  24. ❤Search for miracles of the holy "Quran"!!!

  25. como queria jogar um pouquinho q esse pessoal joga kkkk

  26. 我必须用中文评论 我太爱库里了 我们说的他就是优质偶像

  27. The Master… passing on the knowledge to the next generation.

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