Hunting Lions With A Pistol, What Could Go Wrong? - Lion Hunting Update - theHunter Call of the Wild -

Hunting Lions With A Pistol, What Could Go Wrong? – Lion Hunting Update – theHunter Call of the Wild

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Welcome back to theHunter Call of the Wild! Today we’re hunting Lions With A Pistol, What Could Go Wrong? Vurhonga Savanna now has Lions making it the first dangerous predator on the map. So I’m out with a Pistol trying not to die. I hope you enjoyed this episode of The Hunter Call of the Wild, thanks for watching and liking.

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  1. Look at 14:20 you can see the body outline in the bushes to the left top. He walked right past it

  2. Drae: *gets killed by water buffalo in video game.
    Drae: And I took that personally.

  3. 9:26 Here we can see a wild Redditor, looking for a potential mate. As we can see, he is voicing his thoughts clearly in self-encouragement. He is deploying all of his stealth knowledge to not drag negative attention towards him. Let's see how this plays out…

  4. I think you did something and you don't know what.

  5. I like the code of this game, I really like it, but you're a jerk.
    KUNDO wayamayamahawayamhamayaha.!!!

  6. Gfxddewedwweryuujnnnnnnnmmmjuthgfhhhkli

  7. Will Drae ever figure out that he can take his scope off for close range shots?

  8. Drae: a bow is not the ideal weapon for hunting a Buffalo


  9. I watched this video will waiter for my 15 minute suspension on FOR HONOR to run out

  10. विक्रम गुज्जर says:

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  11. Drae, that animal that killed you was a Cape buffalo not a water buffalo, but later you corrected it. Good job!

  12. How much money was that playing on a body

  13. Hey you want to know how you can get your shotgun score back if you restart your game hunt ducks that's how I did it

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