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I Found My NEW Favorite Mobile Shooting Game…

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“My Favorite Mobile Game? – New Mobile Shooting Games 2022 (Rogue Company Elite Gameplay) Rogue Company Mobile Gameplay – Rogue Company Mobile Release Date (Rogue Company Mobile Download) Rogue Company Mobile Beta APK – First Impressions/First Time Playing Rogue Company on Android/iOS”


Get into the closed beta!

Hi everyone! ExxotikGaming here – welcome back to my channel! In today’s video, we are checking out a brand new mobile shooting game that came out recently called Rogue Company Elite! People have been playing this game for weeks, but I finally got access to it today! And what can I say…it is WAY better than I expected! This game just feels so good, and it’s not even fully developed yet. I can’t wait for the future of this game – definitely have high hopes for it! Let me know your opinions on this new mobile shooting game in the comments 🙂

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  1. it's not your phone's fault. I have a iPad that open nearly all of the games 60fps and high graphics. on rogue it des

  2. Wtf they made a mobile version of rouge company lmaoo

  3. The character he was playing is Dima his signature ability is a grenade launcher his passive when ever you damage an enemy with explosive you get you see them hilighted.

  4. I’m pretty sure the pc version of this game died, dunno why they made a mobile version

  5. I wonder if he is going to play pixel gun 3d again

  6. Thx exottik i luv the wrk u put into hese vids

  7. Hii exxotikgaming I hope you played codm again so I can watch more all your video I know I'm not your number fan in Philippines but I support all your video and I hope you i can join your giveaway corn points so I can join I need CP or skin so I can enjoy playing Codm with you I hope

  8. The thing is rogue company is its not great the devs dont listen to the community at all ive been playing rogue since 2020

  9. This game looks nice! now let's hope it'll be available for Android too😂😭

  10. kinda hope the the original music from the pc version like the character select screen music and landing music

  11. Definitely an awesome game
    Looks like Dead 4 returns mobile 🙌

  12. This game is good but the gun customise UI could be better like call of duty mobile and they could add ADS to guns and more interaction with surroundings like climbings barrels climbing walls climbing doors climbing buildings and also they could add sliding features and destructible map like rpg can destroy building and guns can destroy doors, barrels, painting, wooden box

  13. u see the outline when from character uses ability

  14. I play a loooot of rogue company on my pc
    Now that it is available on Android
    It's just

  15. Bruh this gives me nostalgia I miss playing rogue company but my ps4 broke

  16. Im sick with br too many big game on br concept so im excited

  17. I had bad experience with PC vers. on launch date

  18. I have played this game on ps4 and i was pretty good

  19. I've played Rogue Company on the PS4 and it's very dead.

  20. hey exxotik i just realized that when u see those red outlines of ur enemies its when ur allies see them that's so helpful

  21. Please cover wex mobile. Indian battle royale game developed by 2 people. Check their channel and please provide us information.

  22. Woah, never knew Rogue Company was available on mobile..

  23. Ive seen the PC version tbh it is not that good for me, but it looks great though

  24. My 11 Pro max just melted using YT 😂🤣

    I wish Apple launch a iPhone just for mobile games something like iPods but much better 😂

  25. I played this game on my PS4… mobile version looks better than the PC version 😂

  26. I'm just waiting on Android😐😐😐

  27. Rogue Company Is one of the most wonderful game that I have ever played hopefully they made a mobile version cz we tried hard to show this game to people since 3 years and tried to create a large community but no way… now with mobile version people gonna know it and try it.. thank youuuuuuu 😍😍😍😍

  28. I'm definetely getting the vibe of Battle prime here, who is getting it too?😅

  29. I like the way u made the video but I don't think there's room for more competition, when the top games are Codm, PubgM, FF, and Apex, I think 5 different games are too much, so I'm sure wait times will be long or there'll b too many bots

  30. The DMR you were using is the SKS r of the Soviet union which first came in production in the cold war. It was massively used by communist vietcong. This gun has gone through many upgrades to be a modern DMR of the RUS armed forces

  31. Hey exotic. I tried to download this game but it brought me to answer some questions. But I don't know what to do next, are they going to chose to accept me or not?

  32. I swear I remember playing the original on Android a year or so ago 🤔🤔

  33. Afterpulse mixed with shadowgun Deadzone type vibe

  34. i play this game on nintendo switch lite once its a good game but it kinda pay to win and it take time to grind for a single character and every character had their own abiliy almost like valorant but you play it on tpp and the part make it pay 2 win is the weapon for every agent, some agent had adavntage at close range match like shotgun and smg etc u get my point

  35. Played this awesome game on nintendo switch hopefully I won't need a new phone to play this when it launched globally hehe

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