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I Played 100 Old Mobile Games That Nobody Remembers

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In this video, we dive into those good old mobile games we all loved, and ranked them in a tier list.

From Angry Birds to Subway Sufers, Jetpack Joyride and many more

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  1. I really thought no one remembered 6 guns, that, NOVA 3, ganstar Vegas, urban crime (basically all gameloft ganster games) carried, and I could've sworn Dead Trigger had a bit of story but when I went back to it it's just a fps now…

  2. Iam get angry bird go kart on my mobile 2023 dont work

  3. Bro did not just say geometry dash is a forgotten game

  4. Do you guys remember a game where you play as a pink pixel guy with a gun and shoot people?

  5. They discontinued Angry Birds Epic And Angry Birds Go, The best of the angry birds franchise. Still miss em

  6. Does anyone here remember Galaxy on fire 2????? It can't be just me…

  7. Why man you put Flappy bird F it was the most popular mobile game in the world at the peak

  8. Infinite blade?😭 also there was this tintin game which was also way ahead of its time

  9. I remember the boss that was baning his table. I always know that game please i need a game name

  10. there are some people that get answer on their comments so ill try my luck
    there was an military game back then i don't remember the name that's obvious the concept was you get a little soldier they do various mission like saving their comrades there's a zombie mode there were one's with they ride on a vehicle and also if your troops survive they get promoted to a higher rank

  11. CS portable, old angry bird and UFC mobile. I miss this games

  12. 16:35 whats the game name i want the spilling i try searching for the game but i cant find it. it was my favorite game back then

  13. Do you guys remember , radiant defence, reaper, Alex secret laboratory, max extreme ,

  14. Bro put POU over Angry Birds 💀 trash ass tier list

  15. I remember one the best game for android, but i don t know name. This is 2d shooter and male fight game with monsters this game is RPG we have a wave and we try survive pls give me name this

  16. anyone remember this game called skull zombies? and also the lair defence: dungeon one

  17. you what u forgot mini militia it was that much fun to go online and not just you everyone was using hacks lol that much fun

  18. almost all the actual forgotten games are on the windows phones, like phisi nibblers/blocks. and one thats a tower defence game.

  19. Bro how can you forget LONEWOLF the sniping game with comics book style theme. It is the best written mobile game.

  20. Thank you for bringing back my memory of cod of mini zombie lol I finally can find the game I played all day when i was a kid

  21. You can NOT say geometry dash is a dead game and put it on D tier

  22. 14:09 you don't need internet connection bro , but the second game of the series does need wifi connection

  23. THANK YOU, i remember Card Wars but I just couldn't remember the name, wasn't sure if it got deleted but sadly it did 🙁

  24. 5:16 " In official sites" keep talking, I must know more.

  25. 8:11 The guy is playing crash bandicoot music in the background when he's talking about Temple Run.

  26. I don't agree where you put angry birds.

  27. I remember getting my iPad 2 back in 2011, and remember playing at lot of those games but I have recently went back on my old iPad to see a lot of those games don’t work anymore or you can’t download them on the App Store anymore.

  28. How about Infinity Blade and Major Mayhem, I love those two games unfortunately Infinity Blade is no longer available but at least Major Mayhem has a sequel now but the downside is that you have to get a certain number of stars to unlock new stages.


  30. Who remember that game with black stone monster and I remember one with a crossbow at his arm I can t remember the name 😢 bonus: who remember the gladiator game with giant titan ? NAME : the legend

  31. Anybody remeber dead space mobile? I do

  32. Idk if im the only but i always remember a game that it was for android and it was like an cs go but it had a purple zombie that made some sounds or at least that all i remember also u had kill terrorists

  33. Can't believe nobody remembers Galaxy on Fire 2. That was an absolute quality mobile game, it's just too bad GoF 3 sucked so hard. Although the developers did basically create a higher quality GoF and release it on Steam (Everspace), so that's a silver lining I guess.

  34. I remember playing fun run 1 and 2 on my phone with classmates during class omg fond memories

  35. Bro anyone remember wheres my water. That game was so good

  36. do you remember the old game you guess the movie, food or brand, character by a picture ?

  37. "Scroll back up to smash that like button, Yo" – Jesse Pinkman

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